Obama/Sanders/Trump. Politics and Activism

7/16…Liberal Panel in Utah Agrees They Won’t Be Wasting Time Supporting Hillary Clinton

—-The party needs to get rid of its Democratic Party only mentality and be an umbrella organization that supports all of the left wing and the complete liberal agenda.  It needs to bring all the movements on the left together for the strongest candidate possible.  Consensus and compromise on the left will create the strongest political product moving forward.  We need to stop catering to the right.  We lose our base when we cater to the right and having centrist viewpoints doesn’t really gain from the right as much as it loses from the left.

What will become of the Democratic Party as it continues to hold people and local leaders hostage in favor of their chosen candidate?  Currently the Democrats and Republicans have their own interests in mind.  We need to vote beyond the politics of fear.  We are allowing ourselves to be silenced and the lesser of two evils is paving the way for the greatest evil of all.

We assume the politics of Trump is far more outrageous than the politics of Hilary, however, Hilary and most neo-liberal Democrats are center-right on the political spectrum while Trump is a bit more to the right of them.  There has to be more of a difference between the two candidates other than personality and speaking styles that should warrant that they are actually very different from one another.

The prevailing thought among Scott is that success comes in not being labeled as a progressive or Democrat but rather an independent.  The symbol of being attached ultimately to the Democratic Party will not bode over well with Utah conservatives but being attached to an independent label will bring about heavy consideration.


7/16…The Rising Bernie Movement vs The Corrupt and Dilapidated Hilary and Trump Charade

—-Trump will bring us catastrophic fascism and Hilary will bring us a neo-liberal disaster.  We have more in common with what we lose vs what we gain with these candidates.  It’s time to adapt and evolve America.  We have this moment at our fingertips.  Just reach out and take it.  Imagine what it would be like to actually vote for people that stood up for the most of us and the environment?  Not taking advantage of this opportunity is not worth it.  You can’t invest in the idea that it will just probably come around again.  You don’t know when it will come again and be this easy and obvious.

The Democrats have ignored the issues of poverty, police abuse, mass unemployment/meager wage employment.  The levels of wealth inequality and environmental degradation is out of control.  The Clinton policies of the 90s generated mass inequality, mass incarceration, the privatization of schools, Wall Street domination, etc.  These neo-liberal policies helped create right wing populism that is ballooning in the country at the moment with the likes of Trump.  Is Hilary really going to come to the rescue with the same neo-liberal strategies and policies and leadership that got us into this mess?  Hardly a realistic solution.

Why not vote for democratic values that actually are democratic values rather than simply the name of Democrat?  The Bernie movement is where this is at?  Jill Stein and the Green Party is where this is at.  Why not allow yourself to relish in voting, living a lifestyle, and standing for what you want rather than choosing the lesser of two evils.  Both of which will lead you with similar mountains of problems and oppression.

We need a love warrior.  We need someone who declares what side they are on.  We need someone who takes a stand and does something about people’s suffering and has solidarity with poor and working people rather than just giving lip service to them.  Jill Stein or Bernie joining the Green Party, if he doesn’t win the Democrat nomination, would actually destroy the two party destructive monopoly in the U.S.  It’s an all star third option vs the two most unpopular presidential candidates in history.  I’ll put my money on that third option any day.

We are being the ‘hope’ rather than just hoping for ‘hope.’  We are staying awake and being stimulated by a lifestyle revolving around a moral and spiritual cause.  We are telling the truth about what is going on.  We are willing to take action and go to jail to fight for justice as not doing so will continue to lead to insurmountable suffering.  It is a great time to be alive.  How will you be an actor in this grand play?  What side will you be on?




6/16…Inspirational Points From The People’s Summit and Bernie Movement

—–1) Bernie Sanders is not the messiah.  The movement is focused on the needs and empowerment of people.  People who refuse to stand for injustice anymore.

2) We need to ask big to properly tackle the problems of crumbling infrastructure, money in politics, corporate welfare, climate change, militarization, neoliberal economic fantasies that fail the 99%, institutional racism in a justice system that has brought us back to the Jim Crow era.  Asking for less than simply will not do.

3) Intersectionality is a must….

6/16…The Immediate Bernie Cause.  Go to The DNC in Philly and Create as Many Activists and Organizers as Possible.  The People’s Summit Message

—-There is no way to interpret what is happening to Bernie right now as losing. We are winning in a resounding way! If Bernie had won the nomination we’d be exactly in the same position trying to figure out how to continue everything we’ve thus far created.

Realizing that your pain and despair and push in life is no different than your brother’s or sister’s next to you is power.

All of us who believe in this movement and Bernie Sanders and everything he stands for needs to make it to the DNC convention in Philly in later July to show their support for the cause.

It is our generations Woodstock and the Million Man March. It will be the coming together of all the movements. It will be a hodgepodge of intersectionality in action. It will be groups like “Black men for Bernie” and minorities of all colors not being afraid of Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton and being more afraid of what would happen if they had a hand in killing the energy of this movement and went along with either one of those leaders or people like them.
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5/16…Ralph Nader and Democratic Party Tyranny


Full interview above, summary below:

Ralph Nader: “The two-party tyranny is so exclusionary, of ballot access barriers, keeping independent candidates from being on the debates, etc.  What happens is that first an independent candidate has to surmount 50 state ballot access laws, some of them so draconian as to defy satire, like in North Carolina and Texas and California.  The second thing they have to do is ward off all kinds of frivolous lawsuits, for example, by the Democratic Party. They confronted us with 24 lawsuits in 12 weeks in 2004 in various states to get us off the ballot, drain our resources, distract our focus. We won most of them. But it was a typical example of the workings of the two-party tyranny.

The only reason Hillary Clinton is ahead now in delegates is because of closed Democratic primaries and the superdelegates, who are her cronies, mostly in Congress.  Primaries are paid by taxpayers; they should not be closed to independent voters.  If the parties want to pay for their own primaries with their own private money, that’s one thing.  But you don’t have taxpayer-supported official primaries that become the private preserve of closed primaries, Democrat or Republican.  If independent voters could have voted in these primaries, as happened in open primaries, Bernie Sanders would be defeating Hillary Clinton.”

5/16…Be the Change You Want to See in The World.  Volunteer for Progressive Candidates!

—–Be the change you want to see in the world! Lets continue our movement in Utah!

There are many local candidates here in our state who are Bernie progressives, and are fighting hard battles that can be won, but only with the help of all of us. Each one of us putting in a little bit of time will far outweigh a few of us putting in a lot of time. One day? Two days? A few hours? It all adds up and will make a huge difference in the end. Sign up at the Google Volunteer Form: http://goo.gl/forms/x7alFx7nU2. We will most likely start canvassing starting the week of May 21st or May 28th.

There have been meetings happening all around with many of these candidates whom are running for various office positions. If you did not know, canvasing has the largest impact for local political races. I found out that on average, candidates can usually recruit 7-12 volunteers to help canvass, which takes roughly 1.5-2+ months worth of canvassing to cover an entire district. If we can get 150 volunteers, split into groups of 40-50 people, we can spend one Saturday or shorter weeknight shifts, covering an entire district for 2-3 different house districts. So, in one day, we could shave off months of work for these local campaigns. The quicker we can get canvassing data into the system, the quicker our candidates will have time to analyze the data and re-strategize their race if needed…


4/16…The Tranquilizing Drug of Gradualism Brought to You by The Media, Hilary Clinton, and the DNC

—–“We have come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy…”

Martin Luther King Jr. spoke these words in 1963 when he was trying to convince the country that “It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment.” There is a similar feeling in the air today. It is not a black issue, it is not a gay issue, it is not a women’s issue but it is an urgency of all people combined that stand to lose with the coming of Hilary Clinton and the DNC as they present themselves now. Inequality has been running rampant for many decades on end…

4/16…Neoliberalism:  Do You Know What It Is?

—-“Its anonymity is both a symptom and cause of its power. It has played a major role in a remarkable variety of crises: the financial meltdown of 2007‑8, the offshoring of wealth and power, of which the Panama Papers offer us merely a glimpse, the slow collapse of public health and education, resurgent child poverty, the epidemic of loneliness, the collapse of ecosystems, the rise of Donald Trump. But we respond to these crises as if they emerge in isolation, apparently unaware that they have all been either catalyzed or exacerbated by the same coherent philosophy; a philosophy that has – or had – a name. What greater power can there be than to operate namelessly?”

4/16…Bernie Minded Political Participating During the Day and Ayahuasca Indigenous Healing Ceremonies at Night

—-As we come to terms more with who we are and what we participate in and learn more about indigenous cultures and take in their influence and the medicine of the Earth, we may find that we are not as enlightened or producing as much good as we think we are. Hence is the energy of the people standing up with the Bernie campaign and striving to go against the system and change it for the better. I look forward to seeing where this movement goes and also taking in more indigenous influence and looking at things more from the perspectives of people who truly value their connection to nature and each other. People who are consumed by promoting healing and pathways to enlightenment focused away from American consumerism, materialism, oppressive traditions, addicting and mind numbing drugs, short term attention spans, and gimmicky advertising and infomercial forms of communicating that easily take over our lives…

4/16…Growing Pains of Salt Lake, Progressive Divide, and The New Bad Words of the Left Wing

—–For both sides of the political spectrum, the new bad word is “establishment.” This is making things a bit confusing because it can label older progressives who are not exactly jumping on the Bernie fandom as part of the establishment. The establishment being the system that has failed and is the enemy and holding the people back from rightfully gaining their voice and power in the political sphere. It is a group of people who want to keep things the same, go about business as usual, or at the most, continue with liberal gradualism, but be more conservative in their approach. New progressives see this as the threat and even sometimes define these old progressives as “The New Republicans” due to their keeping things as is, conservative nature. The new progressives want their generation and their new definition of progressives to be allowed in as the old establishment and guard has failed them no matter if they are older progressives or republicans. However, these new labels are not going unnoticed and, for example, for Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters to be called part of the establishment is absolutely insulting and instantly leads to inflammatory in-fighting in the left wing. The big issue that goes back and forth is what the real definition of progressive is and often the dialogue turns into a battle of who is proclaiming they are more progressive. It of often a very emotional and aggressive conversation that persists…

3/16…Voter Suppression, Establishment Politics, and Caucus Night in Salt Lake City, UT

—–Establishment politics is accusing anyone who runs against them, or those that criticize the system, as instigators and part of the problem and that they have no business in politics. People are standing up and starting to do their part by being involved and simply voting and trying to challenge the powers that be. People will win if they keep doing the simple things. There is no way to stop the people even if the system is rigged as the people simply walking and exercising their rights will casually just walk over whatever is in their way. I am aghast and disgusted at the state of affairs with our voting process. I am terrified of the shitty system we have in place. I am horrified of establishment politics who perpetuate this system much in the same way that before I was scared of say Trump. What are our most front runner choices? A bully, racist asshole who is perpetuated by the media and wants to build a giant wall to keep America safe or a corrupt Democratic establishment politician that is supported by fake news, massive corporate financing, and the fake sense that we can vote? The system is broken and a new age is dawning. We ALL lose in dramatic fashion either way with establishment politics (Democrat or Republican) and with fascist rule in Trump. Now more than ever we have to stand with the values of Bernie Sanders and demand nothing less as he is the only candidate that truly stands for the interests of empowering common people. Our country and democracy is depending on us.

3/16…Bernie Sanders and White Privilege

—–The Bernie campaign isn’t big news to non-whites in the same way that it is to middle/working class whites who are fresh to these new experiences of income inequality and have had more opportunities at various levels of equality before. America notices a lot more when whites are not getting jobs or being displaced or don’t have enough money to live on. I can’t help but feel that black sentiment is unsympathetic to this recent development and the situation that a lot of black communities feel isn’t anything more or less than what they’ve experienced before. Maybe unsympathetic is the wrong word…

3/16…5 Political Groups Yearning for Power, 4 Getting Representation Within 2 Parties, 1 Tribe Will Win

—-Until Americans stop getting distracted by the simple Republican versus Democratic small dramas both establishments represented in them will win in their overall goal which is moving America more steadily forward towards war, empire, corporate interests, bank interests, pharmaceutical interests, any big money investor that keeps buying politicians and having their will and profits catered to more than what is important and needed for the American people. A true opposition party is needed to counter the never changing American agenda for military and corporate empire and at this point in time we are seeing first hand the over arching negative affects of such policies on its citizens. The citizens are speaking up!

2/16…..Citizens United and dark money gone bat shit crazy vs Bernie Sanders

—-The movement is being centered around people and how good people can go about bringing about positive change.  This doesn’t end with Bernie getting elected.  It is more more intense and meaningful than that.  It continues as it does even after the election.  It is a lifestyle people are buying into as that is the only thing that will stand up to the dark money people and influence in politics and overall in everyday life.  The movement will really continue with Bernie winning or not, but it would just be nice for it to come sooner than later with a win.

1/16…..The Awkward Position of the Hillary Campaign

—-The awkward has taken place for Clinton supporters. Do they now still shout out for their candidate or do they listen to themselves from what they have been saying for many months regarding Bernie’s un-electability when the reality now seems to be pointing to how Hillary is the one that is ever more appearing to be unelectable? I really don’t see all of Clinton’s supporters laying down their campaign obviously so from here on out it will just be the grand irony among Clinton supporters.

1/16…..How Hillary Will Get Trump Elected President

—-…Trump has come to power because he has said outlandish things on the Republican side that have gotten him unlimited press and made him the most aggressive and talked about candidate that stands for the far right base. The danger here is what happens when he wins the Republican nomination (which it’s looking likely he’ll do) and then turns to the hearts and minds of Democrats in their progressive base? Since Trump can say anything he wants, when does he start spouting Bernie Sanders’ language in response to Hillary like he did in the last debate and have progressive news sources praising him? He can say anything he wants! The right will still vote for him regardless (and no way in hell for Hillary) and now how much of the left could potentially vote for him too? Is it possible for him to get the base of the right and the left while Hillary muddles around in the unenthusiastic middle?…

11/15…The Awakening Dragon of the Bernie Sanders Campaign

—-This is the beginning of the end of something no matter who gets elected. The 95-99% of lives will suck big time if a republican get elected. The 95-99% of lives will suck less if Hilary gets elected. The 95-99% will greatly improve if Bernie gets elected. What side do you want to be on? Keep waking up that dragon. We vitally need it to level out the playing field before getting caged in can only be overcome through using French Revolution guillotine, heads-chopped-off measures. Nobody wants that and by that time the level of instability will be so great it’ll lead to decades of turmoil. Which way will America go?

10/15…From ‘Party of Lincoln to party of racism. The unraveling of Nixon’s southern strategy in the 1960s

11/12…A Bright Night in the U.S.A. (Obama election 2012!)

10/12…Sex, race, and FEMA in the 2012 election

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9/12…Political Posturing of the 2012 election. Clint Eastwood makes an impact

2/12…Change in a short life

12/11…GOP shows it doesn’t care about U.S. consumers by Roland Martin

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4/09…Obama underlines al-Qaeda threat

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11/08…Obama hysteria!

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