How Hillary Will Get Trump Elected President

6 01 2016

It occurred to me for the first time the other day how likely the scenario might be that Donald Trump gets elected to president.  It happened in a weak moment.  It happened in a moment where I actually felt compelled to vote for Trump and because that happened in me I realized it could potentially happen in anyone.  When America goes to vote and has the privacy of their voting booth walls all around them, who are they actually going to vote for?  What are the elements at play that will make people actually vote for someone like Trump even though at first thought we would consider it outlandish?


First, let’s get something straight.  I will never vote for Donald Trump for president or anything else.  He is an awful person, he has awful politics, and he will bring upon some major downfall in our country if he gets elected.  However, he is Donald Trump and he says outlandish things to get support and he’s beholden to nobody but himself and undoubtedly has charisma in a way that has made him the front running contender of the Republican Party.  The other day I was watching Free Speech TV which is a progressive news station.  It’s one of the best quality media stations around and I really don’t watch much else TV these days other than Free Speech TV (glad I pay $70 a month to basically watch one channel).  They were reviewing the last Republican debate where Donald Trump starkly went completely opposite his normal party platform in regards to war in the past and war in the present and future.  Trump claimed that going to war was stupid and that we’ve spent 400 billion dollars on wars that have gotten us nothing when we could have been investing that money domestically in our infrastructure and other such things that could have and would improve the lives of Americans in their daily lives.  Sound familiar?  Yes, that’s some Bernie Sander’s rhetoric right there.


Free Speech TV was agreeing with Trump and more or less thankful he was taking that line and that’s when my madness Trump thought clicked in.  How many other progressives or Democrats are thinking the same thing as me?  Trump has come to power because he has said outlandish things on the Republican side that have gotten him unlimited press and made him the most aggressive and talked about candidate that stands for the far right base.  The danger here is what happens when he wins the Republican nomination (which it’s looking likely he’ll do) and then turns to the hearts and minds of Democrats in their progressive base?  Since Trump can say anything he wants, when does he start spouting Bernie Sanders’ language in response to Hillary?  He can say anything he wants!  The right will still vote for him regardless (and no way in hell for Hillary) and now how much of the left could potentially vote for him too?  Is it possible for him to get the base of the right and the left while Hillary muddles around in the unenthusiastic middle?  Seems like an impossible feat but not when you look at who he is potentially stacked up against.


Trump being matched up with Sanders is no contest.  Trump comes off looking stupid if he starts saying the same things as Sanders as he mentioned in the last debate.  It doesn’t go over well and Sanders has been saying all these things all along and reasonable people and moderates and even some on the right will vote for Sanders.  Sanders will win in grand triumph.  Trump’s job is a lot harder with Sanders as his opponent and the fact that Sanders already has a massive populous base behind him is an outrageous advantage as well.  If Hillary is matched up against Trump it is a far different story.  Trump can start with his far left/Sanders message and Hillary who hasn’t gone there, at her preference to stay entrenched in the middle, will come off looking weak and not really standing for anything and she’ll have to dramatically adjust her talking points which will still come off as unauthentic as she mostly always has in the past.  Her weakness with Sanders and becoming the Democrat elected candidate will be compounded being matched up against Trump.


The other element to this is that Hillary Democrats think that if Sanders loses then that Sanders’ populous movement will just transition into Hillary.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  It will happen somewhat minorly, but largely if Hillary wins the primary and then the presidency it will be one of the most energy-less and unenthusiastic wins of all time.  There is zilch excitement for Hillary.  She is seen by many as a candidate who is part of the problem in modern day politics and with her furthering her progress in politics normal people will just tune out.  As a staunch Bernie Supporter, I’m still deciding if I’ll vote for Sanders if he happens to not be the Democrat nominee.  And as of late, I’ve actually started to find enthusiasm in the Libertarian Gary Johnson who will actually be on the ballot and who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal.  My vote for a progressive cause could in effect go further with giving more representation to a third party, which is something our country and political system sorely needs, than with voting for Hillary.  The whole idea of living my life and voting for what I want vs what I fear comes to mind.  Living and voting for the lesser of two evils and who you fear less is a shitty way to live your life.  I don’t know what I’ll do yet as I’m somewhat thinking out loud here (or I guess writing out loud), but I’ll say that thinking of voting for Hillary is seriously challenging my moral fiber of doing good in the world and I know that I’m absolutely not alone in thinking this way.


Another irony of this whole Trump appeal is that he is using some progressive tactics for gaining power.  I at least attribute them to progressives as I take them from the late Paul Wellstone’s book, ‘How to Elect Progressive Candidates and Win on Issues’ which is a fantastic book.  Wellstone was a progressive who won in Republican lands in Minnesota.  His strategies focused on being the candidate where people knew where he stood.  Even if people disagreed with him they admired that they knew exactly what he stood for.  This was one element to his success and he overcame traditional Republican politicians in their own land.


Trump is absolutely doing this and after he wraps up the Republican nomination by saying outlandish things he will re-set his sights on saying equivalent things towards the left that appeal to people getting to know what he stands for.  The deeper irony is that I don’t think Trump really knows what he stands for but he comes across like he really does and the media shows him obsessively and it is successful because people can claim they know things about him.  Compared to Hillary, people overwhelmingly do not know anything she stands for and she doesn’t instill excitement or trust in people and this will probably continue.  People really do not want to vote for her and when given a choice of voting for a candidate who has always appeared conniving, not fully honest, and sneaky, and wishy-washy on issues, and is just your run of the mill politician vs another who clearly incites a symbol for what he stands for, even if you hate what he stands for, you just might vote for the latter because it is more respectable and you know what you’re getting yourself into.  Most people will go with what they know vs what they don’t even if it goes against their interests.  Perhaps this wouldn’t be as big of a deal if Hillary wasn’t already disliked by a massive amount of people, or if she instilled more than a marginal amount of excitement in her followers and base, or if she didn’t carry the name of another former president that carries a symbolism that we keep participating in electing a royal family to the presidency (Jeb Bush would obviously have this problem too).  Whatever the multitude of reasons, the feeling is that Hillary being nominated seems like the perfect storm a brewing for the likes of Trump and him getting elected to the white house.  We are more likely to see a Donald Trump president if Hillary Clinton is his opponent.





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