Ralph Nader and Democrat Party Tyranny

19 05 2016


Full interview above, summary below:

Ralph Nader: “The two-party tyranny is so exclusionary, of ballot access barriers, keeping independent candidates from being on the debates, etc.  What happens is that first an independent candidate has to surmount 50 state ballot access laws, some of them so draconian as to defy satire, like in North Carolina and Texas and California.  The second thing they have to do is ward off all kinds of frivolous lawsuits, for example, by the Democratic Party. They confronted us with 24 lawsuits in 12 weeks in 2004 in various states to get us off the ballot, drain our resources, distract our focus. We won most of them. But it was a typical example of the workings of the two-party tyranny.

The only reason Hillary Clinton is ahead now in delegates is because of closed Democratic primaries and the superdelegates, who are her cronies, mostly in Congress.  Primaries are paid by taxpayers; they should not be closed to independent voters.  If the parties want to pay for their own primaries with their own private money, that’s one thing.  But you don’t have taxpayer-supported official primaries that become the private preserve of closed primaries, Democrat or Republican.  If independent voters could have voted in these primaries, as happened in open primaries, Bernie Sanders would be defeating Hillary Clinton.”





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