A Bright Night in the U.S.A.

November 6, 2012

Lyon Keating:

Today is a day I’ll remember forever.  Where people objectively thought about the direction they wanted to go in.  They saw one side that looked much like the past.  White groups of people, rich groups of people, voter suppression, racism, minority suppression, erosion of women’s rights, erosion of the middle class, religious dogma overwhelming people’s lives being specifically hurtful to women in the sensitive issue of rape, billions of dollars spent trying to control things for billionaires with overwhelmingly negative ads appealing to fear and manipulation, among many other things.  On the other side stood change from that past, change from an America that was ruled solely by whites with vast amounts of cash, positive change for women’s lives, for non-whites, for homosexuals, the middle class, the working class, etc.  It was a change that was going to come whether it was now or four years from now or ten years.  We are a changing country that isn’t defined by old ideas anymore.  We are a country that is moving forward where more types of people will have rights, be treated fairly, and be able to relate to the cause of what Barack Obama stands for.  America is no longer defined by just the needs of white people.  It is turning into a true melting pot of all sorts of different people wanting great things for their lives.

It is still being decided as I write this but it looks pretty good that gay marriage equality has been accepted in three more states of Maine, Maryland, and Washington.  Marijuana has been legalized (our generations prohibition) in two states in Colorado and Washington.  The democrats have won the senate with key wins that have seen gay candidates win and candidates lose who support women who get raped as an act of god where they must live with the consequences.  It was an election that saw the Republican Party continually favoring removing women’s abortion rights and reproductive rights, which interpret to overall rights in general.  Women and others exercised their power and voted against these religious, out of date bigots.  Obama and the democrats are poised to actually see through their policies and see where this eight-year experiment takes them.  They control very much their own destiny at this point and have a chance to solidify a generation of devout followers if in fours years from now people have more jobs, more rights, more opportunities, etc.  The future is looking good.

What I liked the most about this whole campaign is that it sickened me to death, but, in the end, positivity won the day.  I’m not saying that everything that the democrats stand for is good or that everything the republicans stand for is bad but overwhelmingly in this election it was disgusting to experience what many of the republican messages were.  It was the most manipulative election I have ever been witness too.  There was open hate for Obama spouted from a lot of far right, conservative supporters that centered around Obama being a fanatical Muslim, or not a citizen, and the republicans never refuted these charges.  Romney and company let the lies and manipulation sail forth.  He flipped whatever he was saying to whoever he was speaking to.  Romney supported voter suppression and anything that might trick people into thinking Obama was not what he actually was, if it meant he would come out ahead.  He displayed a hateful disposition where if people emulated such behavior we would live in a much worse, backstabbing, lying, everyone out for themselves, society.  In the grand, perceptive ability of the people they recognized this and generally acted amazingly against his ideas.  Good ideas won out and more truth and positivity spread forth and Romney was literally put down.  Even though about half the country did in fact vote for Romney I have to find some solace in the fact that more than half of them didn’t.  Glass is half full, eh, even though it is extremely scary to think of all those that did reward this type of hostile, negative behavior.

I hope this election represents the last time the Republican Party ignores everyone’s needs but white, male voters above 30.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could go forth all agreeing on the benefit of women’s rights, minority rights, the advancement of health care, making voting easier, gay marriage, and other social issues that help people live a happy life of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if I didn’t have to vote for the only party that stood for these things every time because how can I realistically vote for the other side being so hateful and not helping so many?  Wouldn’t it be an amazing opportunity for the Republican Party to leave these age-old beliefs behind and have me, and a whole new generation of voters, actually think about possibly voting republican?  The Republican Party can see this as just another normal defeat where they can double down again and probably lose again, or they can see this as a point in history where they have to change their stance because America is no longer going to vote for them anymore.  I challenge you to get my vote republicans.  It sounds odd on this grand night for democrats and Obama for me to be hoping to vote republican in the future but it really is what would be best for the country.  Imagine the possibilities we could have with these new stances?  Fiscally conservative and socially liberal actually could sound very appealing.  Get out of the past with your archaic, hateful social beliefs and move on.  I am so glad I don’t have to wake up tomorrow thinking I have to live in a world where the narrow visions of people won the day and where I have to find ways to fight and navigate around them.  It’s really exhausting but I would have done it because if you don’t go against such beliefs then what are you really living for?  Thank you Obama and Democrats and all the people who fought the fight for not allowing that world to be delivered to me.

In 2008 I was filled with such exuberance and excitement with Obama winning but I am somewhat a different person than I was four years.  I was so ecstatic back then to be voting for something new and for getting the worst president in history in Bush out of office.  Obama’s words, his books, and the idea that something could be different wooed me.  The real election in 2008 was in the democratic primary.  Nobody was going to vote for another republican after Bush.  It was a done deal on election night and I partied (because partly it was my birthday) all night long in celebration that times had changed and we could start something new.  Now I am 30 and Obama has won again.  He didn’t just win on his words this time, or the fact that the worst president in history was just finishing his job, he won because Romney stood for such negativity and elitist, offensive ideas.  Consequently, Obama related to the needs and ideas of the up and coming generations of people which centered around acceptance of the other and love and connection for your neighbor.  His grassroots campaign was amazing to see with so many people walking through neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and connecting with people and sending out a message they really believed in compared to the wave of negative Romney adds and superpac commercials that Romney did not attach his name to.  Obama won because he stayed consistent and saved our country from an ultimate great depression from the policies of Bush.  People believed him and didn’t believe the ‘say anything to get your vote Romney who doesn’t abide by fact checkers campaign.’  The people didn’t believe the barrage of billions of dollars in commercials that was shot at them.  They were looked upon as sheep that would succumb to intensely repetitive advertising, regardless of the content, and most of the American people proved this was not the case as they actually listened and wondered about the content of these misleading ads.  Romney shot himself in the foot and appealed to the far right and tried to get more voters on his side who believed Obama was a Muslim vs. those that were moderate and different types of people in the middle.  It is a changing of the guard time for the Republican Party while being a powerful time for more types of people and Obama and the Democrats.

Obama and what the democrats stood for in this election were amazingly inspirational.  It proved to me that I desire to be apart of the solution in this country, my community, my family, etc.  Good ideas can make a difference and can win in the face of utter cynicism, negativity, hateful ideas, billions of dollars, etc.  If you don’t fight for these things with an open mind and try to center your life around such, then what are you really doing from day to day?  How will you spend your time on this Earth?  Will you let people like Romney overwhelm you or will you organize, keep at it, and try to do good with your time?  I am afraid that if you don’t then your inaction is actually a double whammy against you.  Unfortunately, it actually leads to the actions of the Romney’s of the world to rise up and be more likely to take over.  It’s easy for a person to spread their negative influence and rule using manipulation and fear.  However, Obama has proved that a grand defense is in the form of a community effort to keep this from happening.  Where can you do good and keep negative energy from influencing situations around you?  I know it may seem hard to figure out where to throw your weight but just sit and think about it.  How can you improve things?  Where can you go?  Who can you talk to?  What can you be apart of?  Don’t doubt the power of sitting to think and persistence.  You’ll think of something and you’ll go forth and be a positive entity?  You’ll create that change in wherever you go because you are there simply as a positive force.  That is who you are so how can there be any different outcome?  Obama exemplifies this.  He really is someone that is not too much different from me or from normal people on the street that I see walking by.  Sure he is a brilliant public speaker and most people are not but his will and his ideas and his organization and desire to do good are fairly similar to so many people I know.  I will be volunteering more and trying to make a difference.  Maybe even try to do good in politics somewhere by getting younger people like me involved.  I have great skills that can be put to good use.  I’m pure in heart and mind and open to different walks of life and it will feel right and that’s how I’ll be confident and know I’m doing a good thing.  Sure you might claim that I’m just in the heat of the moment and just am in love with the thought of what I’m saying and feeling but I’ll never forget this era of my life and particularly what this election has taught me.  Obama is someone to look up to.  He is a normal human being.  He is someone that we can realistically emulate in our lives.  He is inside all of us who truly wants to go forth and create positive change.  Thank you for making me a better person and for showing me how to create the change that I want to see in the world with the powers I possess.  I will never forget.


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