Be The Change You Want to See in The World. Volunteer for Progressive Candidates!

13 05 2016

Be the change you want to see in the world!  Lets continue our movement in Utah!

There are many local candidates here in our state who are Bernie progressives, and are fighting hard battles that can be won, but only with the help of all of us.  Each one of us putting in a little bit of time will far outweigh a few of us putting in a lot of time.  One day?  Two days?  A few hours?  It all adds up and will make a huge difference in the end.  Sign up at the Google Volunteer Form:  We will most likely start canvassing starting the week of May 21st or May 28th.

There have been meetings happening all around with many of these candidates whom are running for various office positions. If you did not know, canvasing has the largest impact for local political races. I found out that on average, candidates can usually recruit 7-12 volunteers to help canvass, which takes roughly 1.5-2+ months worth of canvassing to cover an entire district. If we can get 150 volunteers, split into groups of 40-50 people, we can spend one Saturday or shorter weeknight shifts, covering an entire district for 2-3 different house districts. So, in one day, we could shave off months of work for these local campaigns. The quicker we can get canvassing data into the system, the quicker our candidates will have time to analyze the data and re-strategize their race if needed.  

Google Volunteer Form: 

List of Candidates that we need to help, which we can cover in less than a month if all volunteers dedicate time and bring friends/family to help.

Edgar Harwood District 43

Nikki Cunard District 45

Frank Bedolla District 30

Cindee Beard District 68

Ty Markham District 73

Brooke Swallow District 59

Rachel Nelson District 60

Sandra Hollins District 23

Christine Stenquist District 17

Peter Tomala District 33

Rick Pollock District 21

Ashley Anderson State Senate 

Dorothy Engelmann State Senate (Saint George) 

Mike Wienholtz

Jon Harper





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