The Awkward Position of The Hillary Campaign

21 01 2016


Hillary supporters, for a very long while now, have been blasting Bernie Sanders in many ways.  “He’s not electable…Sanders winning the primary will guarantee Republicans win in November…he can’t appeal to most voters…Sanders represent a splinter in the Democrat party much how Trump does for the Republicans…we need to stand together behind the stronger candidate” among many other things.  The article at the top of this writing displays how things have changed.  Hillary Clinton is more like Donald Trump in how she’s viewed nationwide.  She is popular but extremely unpopular.  Sanders is extremely popular and not viewed as unpopular.  People have generally good things to say about Sanders as he can be respected since he is standing up to Washington in ways even conservatives can relate to even if they don’t truly agree with it.  What happens to the passionate words of Hillary supporters when Bernie Sanders is actually the front runner?


The awkward has taken place for Clinton supporters.  Do they now still shout out for their candidate or do they listen to themselves from what they have been saying for many months regarding Bernie’s un-electability when the reality now seems to be pointing to how Hillary is the one that is ever more appearing to be unelectable?  I really don’t see all of Clinton’s supporters laying down their campaign obviously so from here on out it will just be the grand irony among Clinton supporters.


If polls were to be taken more seriously they’d be more technologically advanced in how polling was gathered.  Instead we rely on calling people on land lines and some cell phones.  Land lines are the equivalent of still watching movies on VHS but even cell phones don’t really do polling justice.  It’s called talking to people that’s out of date.  The kind of poll above based on net positive and net negative favorability rankings is a real poll.  In the technologically advanced present day sense, Bernie is way ahead and Clinton has no where near the numbers of being elected president and Bernie is also now polling at the same if not better than Clinton with the dinosaur land line/talking poll gathering method.  People talking to one another to get info?!  How absurd!  Welcome to the modern day!


This botched in polling would represent why Hillary supporters don’t seem to be around in the same way as Bernie supporters.  Bernie and his excitement and support is everywhere!  Where are the die hard Clinton supporters who are trying to organize watch parties, coordinate with one another for delegate training, and walking door to door, or calling early primary states?  Maybe they’re so entrenched in the system already they aren’t among normal people anymore,  clinging to hope that, that will be enough.  We don’t need people, we don’t need passion, we don’t need support.  We got it in the bag because Bernie is unelectable!


A reality of the situation is that many of the people who don’t like Hillary from that negative net favorability rating are probably Bernie supporters.  If Bernie does not win the primary then a big chunk of his supporters will write him in, vote for a third party, or not show up.  That energy will be zapped from the campaign.  Can Hillary win without energy?


One might be thinking the same thing about Hillary supporters acting the same way if Bernie won the primary.  However, the same doesn’t result.  Many of her supporters are moderate or old school democrats and would die before they saw Trump, Cruz, or any of those jackals be the president.  In this sense, Bernie is the universal solvent for the Democratic party.  Him being at the helm will keep the energy and passion going and will absorb most of the Hillary supporters, which would NOT be the same case the other way around.  It may be a harsh truth for Clinton supporters but they seem like they don’t REALLY care anyway so no biggie right?


The republican party is shattered and struggling to define itself with a million different candidates and that will somewhat happen to the Democrats if Hillary wins the primary.  Everyone needs to vote for who they truly feel will totally benefit this country but let’s not become like the Republicans in this one shall we?


Meanwhile, Trump continues to bang his head against whoever is standing in his way.  Now it’s Ted Cruz.  The sneaky side of all of this is that Trump is a force to be reckoned with.  He finances his own plans, he says whatever he wants, he doesn’t take no for an answer, he bullies whoever he comes into contact with.  What happens when he goes against Hillary and it’s close?  Even if he loses do you think he will just step aside to the process?  Or do you think a man of Trump’s affluence and power won’t have some influence over elections, votes being counted, suing the U.S. government and keeping it at standstill and in a bureaucratic legal battle if he loses?  Trump wins regardless of the outcome of this election.  This is his time and he is going to bully his way into the white house or create something else thus bringing all of us liberals to our knees when we realize we went along with it all along and said, how it was such a good thing for the Republican party to be defined by him.  Giving a man like Trump power is always bad news.  If he can take down the Republican Party what makes you think he can’t take down the Democratic one?  It won’t end where we think it will with a maniac like him.


This is all the more reason that the mass uprising that is happening with Bernie Sanders needs to be pushed, continued, and encouraged.  The end all be all is Trump.  Hillary is unelectable against Trump as she has nothing of the energy and passion that will fire up her base and solidify people against him.  It will be ugly if it’s the two of them facing off in who we normal people dislike more.  That comes out BIG in Trump’s favor.  Facing such a dictator who bullies his way around with the press, with people, with the government, with minorities, etc. will only be defeated if everyone else is formidably standing up against him.  Sanders is that person to get behind, giving voice to a new generation of progressives and people coming into their own who are starting to demand that “people” be treated with dignity and respect and not sold out.





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