The Immediate Bernie Cause. Go to The DNC in Philly and Create as Many Activists and Organizers as Possible. The People’s Summit Message.

22 06 2016

There is an assumption happening now that Bernie has lost the nomination and how much that sucks and if my efforts are really helping and maybe this whole political thing is leading no where or to burn out and to leaders who I get annoyed with.  Ahhh, make it stop.  Where is my energy best spent?  Do I just crawl back into a hole and let politicians continue to take over the world?  Sometimes, yes, as most politicians are corporate automatron robots who eat money and souls and are hard to keep up with and if you’re not careful and stare too much at them or give them too much attention they’ll magically turn you into one of them so, yeah, it’s hard.  No one said it was going to be easy dealing with the dark lords of the universe.   However, when we come out of our cave of defeated ashes it is even more apparent that everything Bernie people stand for is making the world a better place and that it’s worth it to take in the death rays of these beings as we are the ones who are slowly using up their energy and turning them into ashes.


There is no way to interpret what is happening right now as losing.  We are winning in a resounding way!


If Bernie had won the nomination we’d be exactly in the same position trying to figure out how to continue everything we’ve thus far created.  Don’t resign to voting for Trump in order to destroy the system in a beligerant way, or for sacrificing your beliefs and voting for Clinton and keeping the systems of inequality exactly as it is.  Don’t let others tell you what is best and cater to what they think because it is the pragmatic thing to do.  Keep doing things exactly the same.  Keep organizing volunteers for phone banking and doing all the things that made Bernie popular.  Keep voting with your feet in the street and focused on intersectionality and how the more movements we involve in our fight the more power we all have.  Keep donating $3 to Bernie people running for office.  We need to continue getting visibility.  We need to preach to the choir.  We need to encourage courage.  We have to get through these moments of reaction and be proactive.  And most importantly we simply need to keep meeting and talking to each other.  Great moments for people in history happened when they kept showing up.


There’s 130 million people on Bernie Sander’s email list and that’s power.  That list is not being given over to the DNC.  The reason this list is so big is because it is a list based on intersectionality.  This is not one movement, it is a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, a million.  Realizing that your pain and despair and push in life is no different than your brother’s or sister’s next to you is power.  It is power that no one corporate entity or government institution can compete against.  It is a rising tide of water filling up a house full of greed.  You can only climb so high to stay safe as most of our current leaders keep doing.  Be apart of this tide.  Keep at it and continue to get more people involved.  Continue to be a positive presence that people want to be like then show them that they are more powerful.  It builds, it builds, it builds, then it topples whatever is inevitably unsustainable standing in the way.


There is nothing in me that promotes violence or destruction of others or talking down to people who don’t believe as you.  What there is instead, is standing up for people and if they don’t agree with you in the short term then it is about building a boat in mind for them to jump onto later.  We have to respect the right of people to believe as they want but if you can’t convince one then move on to the significant other, the mother, the father, the brother, the friends, etc.  More people will get on board.  The hard work is done for you as the movement is authentic and most will inevitably see that and benefit from it.


Young people know what’s coming.  They know what’s going on in this country because they live mostly out in it.  They know that what works for all of us is what works for all of us.  It’s often older, established in their mindset, people who don’t get it.  Their brains have been conditioned to think of things because of repetition of thought rather than if things have really benefited them or most overall.  Our minds are tricky like that.  Just because we think over and over about something doesn’t mean it’s right.  It means it’s just easy because we are used to creating that path in our minds.  A path we see and have taken before will always be a path easier to take.  It’s up to a lot of young people right now to fire a jolt and help out those who are stuck in repetitious thought.  We will build that boat with them in mind.  They will always be allowed to sail on it.


The People’s Summit in Chicago was an extremely motivating event that I attended recently.  I knew the basics of what they were going to say but I was curious at how it would feel.  The feeling was of the awesome power of this whole movement.  The people and their energy and the creation involved and fervor of organizing, along with the desire and fire seething out of their pores, and the swelling of purpose and positive intention and the feeling that we are truly what we work together on and act confidently as.  There are so many forces against Bernie and the people in this but it keeps amazingly moving forward and disregarding the powerful that it has truly defined what is powerful to me for maybe the first time in my life.  The moment is right now!  It is upon us in a way like no other.  All of us who believe in this movement and Bernie Sanders and everything he stands for needs to make it to the DNC convention in Philly to show their support for the cause.  They need to be inspired by the many rallies and events and the democracy that will be in action and on display there.  They need to be involved with becoming and creating a generation of new activists and organizers as simply being there will instil people with a sense of empowerment and action.  It will send a strong message to the super delegates that millions of people are standing up for Bernie as the strongest candidate to win the election.  It is our generations Woodstock and the Million Man March.  It will be the coming together of all the movements.  It will be a hodgepodge of intersectionality in action.  It will be groups like “Black men for Bernie” and minorities of all colors not being afraid of Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton and being more afraid of what would happen if they had a hand in killing the energy of this movement and went along with either one of those leaders or people like them.  Bring it on!  An energy full of zeal and purpose and demanding big things will go lots farther than an energy full of pragmatism and settling on less than.  The difference between Trump and Hilary is that Trump wants to stab you in the front while Hillary wants to stab you in the back, and the DNC wants to squash this movement and have it fizz away.  No one in history ever got anything without having to fight for it and making some sacrifices.  Joining with those that ultimately want to see you in peril doesn’t make sense.  That will not work out for you.  See you in Philly and lets sweat it out together in the city of brotherly love.  How fitting.





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