Inspirational Points From The People’s Summit and Bernie Movement

28 06 2016

1) Bernie Sanders is not the messiah.  The movement is focused on the needs and empowerment of people.  People who refuse to stand for injustice anymore.

2) We need to ask big to properly tackle the problems of crumbling infrastructure, money in politics, corporate welfare, climate change, militarization, neoliberal economic fantasies that fail the 99%, institutional racism in a justice system that has brought us back to the Jim Crow era.  Asking for less than simply will not do.

3) Intersectionality is a must.  Solidarity is a verb.  What benefits us all benefits us all.  All movements whether they be political, racial, environmental, need to be combined in order for us all to flourish.

4) People power still beats corrupt corporate and government power.  If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that common Americans are winning and reclaiming our country.  Keep at it!

5) We are someone’s ancestors in generations to come.  As Nina Turner put it we need to become “Change Doers.”  The stakes are too high for us to do nothing or remain passive about climate change.

6) Martin Luther King told us that the arc of history bends toward justice.  How are you contributing to continuing to educate, organize, mobilize, and empower Americans to keep bending that arc towards justice?

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