From “Party of Lincoln” to party of racism. Cracking at the seams.

19 10 2015

The Unraveling of Nixon’s Southern Strategy in the 1960s.

—-After Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson signed the historic Civil Rights Act into law it paved the way for Richard Nixon to unite establishment Republicans with Strom Thurmond and racist Americans in the South.  Up until that point Republicans were the “Party of Lincoln” and stood up for the rights of the shackled slaves and the Democrat base was the deep south never wanting to be associated with negro loving Republicans.  This switched completely over two presidential election cycles during the strategic pact that Nixon and Thurmond pushed for in 1968.  The deep south’s poor, racist, working class successfully made the transition over to the hated ‘Party of Lincoln’ to unite with corporate hungry establishment Republicans in one of the most awkward political love connections the U.S. has ever seen.  The day to day interests of the two groups couldn’t be more different except for the idea that establishment Republicans were now willing to play the “we’re racist too” card.  It worked pretty good for 45 years but now the irony of the connection of those two groups seems too much to keep going forward with one another.  Nixon’s reign is finally on the brink of cracking as the deep south and the evangelical wing of the old democratic party/newer republican party now wants more than just symbolic hatred towards minorities.





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