Citizens United and dark money gone bat shit crazy vs Bernie Sanders

17 02 2016

This is not a normal election year.  The changes of the past have caught up to the 2016 presidential race.  It’s too easy to assume that it’s Republicans vs Democrats.  It still is on a minor level but what is the paramount issue at play is the dark influence of insanely high moneyed contributions of the few vs the one candidate who is not participating and funded by millions of people.  To progressives, this is the elephant in the room.  It’s actually more than an elephant.  It’s a massive dinosaur that is salivating and hungry and crashing around and destroying everything in its path.  Progressives under Bernie Sanders specifically are uniting to stand against this cause.  Without first combating how dark money massively influences politics, law, and everything in our lives how can we live in a free society, have equal rights, receive a livable wage, get anything accomplished where normal people stand to benefit?  It doesn’t make sense for Bernie folk to see Hillary Clinton on their side.  She largely isn’t since she stands to wield power from this place and tries to use dark money for good.  What happens when a leader like Trump or a republican eventually wins the white house and these policies are still in place?  They need to be vehemently attacked now before it’s too late.  It doesn’t make sense to pretend there are other as important elements at play and the situation with Hillary compares eerily similar to wielding the ring of power in the ‘Lord of  the Rings.’  It seems so enticing to use the dark powers for good but it hardly even has short term gain as that power turns you into a desperate Gollum like character, making for a horrible atmosphere overall, in bringing about havoc, as harboring dark energy for good never turns out well.  Eventually that ring will fall into absolutely the wrong hands.  The ring of power and this process involving dark money need to be destroyed in order to effectively move forward and establish real liberal/progressive policies that will benefit most people.


There is a major ideological shift happening in our culture.  Most people do not get any benefit from whoever is in power as trickle down politics doesn’t really happen, even though we are led to believe it does.  Power in Hillary Clinton and the republicans definitely comes from top down and it’s happening more massively than ever.  Normal people are being pushed out of their own lives; unable to make a living while working full time, unable to pay for schooling or carry outrageous debt forever, unable to have a voice in the political process, etc.  Bernie represents the people standing up for themselves and being still capable of standing up to dark money and the interests of the powerful few.  Hillary Clinton does not represent a huge difference from this than what the republicans offer.  In policy, yes, she does represent that big difference but in practical application to how it affects most people, she is business as usual and not going to have a big effect on benefiting the lives of most Americans.


Obama started a movement in 2008 when he was Hillary’s opponent.  He started this wave of people rising up and having their voice heard and accepted a huge amount of small donations from individuals.  Hillary represented the old way of doing things by appealing to the power of the moneyed few for her support.  It became crystal clear who was the leader who would have more the interests of people in mind vs trying to harness the powers that be that create the corrupt political system.  Some of Obama’s original fans may look at Obama’s presidency as a failure where he didn’t get a lot accomplished but I find it to be a resounding success, especially since coming from the days of the disastrous, people and country destroying, policies of George Bush Jr.  A new path was paved and it was very clear that Obama represented this change while Hillary represented it in a much smaller way.


So much has changed since 2008 and not much at the same time.  Hillary is still a candidate and still represents a much more conservative, old school approach to fixing our problems working within the confines of a corrupt process that isn’t people oriented. Everything is still true about her since 2008 and again there is a candidate who is truly standing for the American people in her way.  What has changed has been paramount.  Obama started a movement away from the conservative far right.  It has created an even stronger backlash against him, his policies, and progressives in general, and we as a country are at a pivotal time where liberals have a chance to really stand for what they believe in or be compromisers to a party that doesn’t compromise who is in desperate need of a compromise as their demographic is shrinking and they are at the edge of what their power can accomplish.  We as liberals have made similar mistakes in the past by compromising instead of standing up for our beliefs, and as a result being played and taken advantage of.  Do we push for a resounding win with Bernie Sanders and really stand up as a nation together or give in to our fears that we need to select a more moderate candidate to appeal to the far right?  Do we continue to take steps forward or a few steps back in order to take future steps forward?  Do we continue to work within a system that doesn’t really cater to the needs of most Americans?  It seems ludicrous to think that we wouldn’t jump on the opportunity to move forward if we had the chance.  In a time period when stakes are high why would we choose a Hillary Clinton?


The reality of the situation is that I believe Bernie supporters will just lose interest in the political process if Bernie is not the Democrat candidate.  They are a group of people who organize locally and are involved in bringing about other ways of change.  The political process is not that efficient, takes an enormous amount of energy, and not very representative of most people, but with Bernie this group of people see a path and opportunity.  That path doesn’t make sense with Hillary as she is too intertwined with corporate money/large donors/citizens united and big banks/wall street being favorably treated over people.  It doesn’t make much sense anymore for Bernie people to participate in a system based on dark money influence of the few, who we hate less, and who doesn’t really represent the interests of most people.  Culture is leading government now.  It makes more sense to put the energy to other things that are more efficient and within our control.  People’s energy is better spent elsewhere than on the political process of bringing about what our society needs with Hillary.  I don’t see most Bernie supporters being led by fear (which is all too common with all the other candidates messaging) but instead being led by what they want and knowing how to best spend their energy and create positive change.  It is inspiring and motivating and carries the core of sustaining itself into the future.


It would be wise to give the people organizing for Bernie more power.  Bernie will use those people in the future unlike Obama who lost all that momentum when it was at his fingertips in 2008 with his own movement.  I see people who are dramatically involved for real change in their communities standing up and living it and doing it in many ways being behind Bernie.  It is representative of a cultural shift overall.  So many people are becoming more involved and it’s wonderful to see.  The movement is being centered around people and how good people can go about bringing about positive change.  This doesn’t end with Bernie getting elected.  It is more more intense and meaningful than that.  It continues as it does even after the election.  It is a lifestyle people are buying into as that is the only thing that will stand up to the dark money people and influence in politics and overall in everyday life.  The movement will really continue with Bernie winning or not, but it would just be nice for it to come sooner than later with a win.





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