High on Life: The Reality Within The Reality (Psychedelia, Plant Teacher Healing, Holistic Health)

11/17…..How to Hire Fake Family and Friends

—–A booming business in Japan has a product claimed to bring about an experience that surpasses reality. ‘More than real’ is the business theme and it means they provide life situations that include, ‘less concerns, misunderstanding and conflict’ as the clients can expect ‘better results from a more perfect, more clean version of reality.’ The business believes the word ‘real’ is misguided as things like Facebook which are ‘real’ have pictures and people in them who haven’t been paid to be there but everything is still presented to such an extent that it isn’t ‘real.’ The ideology behind the business of Family Romance is that the world is an unfair place which needs balance brought towards injustices. A woman with a boyfriend doesn’t need to hire a boyfriend as a man with a father doesn’t need to hire a father. Hiring out, a la carte, human interactions is becoming a new norm, and the demand is rapidly increasing…


10/17…..The Santa Clause Mushroom: A Blunt Day with Amanita Muscaria

—–The medicine was very direct.  It wasn’t filling my mind up with a million things or making me focus solely on something very intensely like what can usually happen with many psychedelics.  It wasn’t a numb feeling, just a nothingness feeling but it wasn’t like I felt like I was focusing on nothing but I guess nothingness was the focus of the plant.  It felt primitive.  It felt connective because of the simplicity.  The normal distractions that fill up my mind weren’t there.  It was easy to not “go there” and I was very much in my body and not in my brain.  It felt relaxing to able to feel this “just being there” feeling.  It felt wonderful to not have my mind racing in a million directions like it can easily do.  It felt great to not have my mind so stimulated like it can be on other psychedelics.  It felt great to be at ease.  The plant was forcing me into ease.  Forcing me into a simpler thought process and a simpler life orientation.


9/17…..Dennis McKenna, Psychedelic Fish, and Psilocybin/Magic Mushroom Therapy at Telluride Mushroom Festival

—–The more modern Maslov Hierarchy of Needs has been reorganized in a way that supports magic mushroom psilocybin psychedelic therapy.  Self-actualization used to be at the top of the pyramid but it was replaced by self-transcendence.  In psilocybin therapy, self-transcendence has been seen to be achieved through the PEAK experiences brought on by the psychedelic experience.  It puts a priority at becoming better and catering to something bigger than the individual and how we can relate better to others.  For most of the participants in the study they had a PEAK experience and fell away from the attachment of the illusion of their existing selves and emotionally processed in a way that led to authentic, positive change in a new re-organized direction.


7/17…..Casual Psychedelic-er: A Day With San Pedro Cactus

—–Looking down upon the tiny little beings of the human race really humbles humanity.  How are we any different than any other living thing that’s just going about its day?  We live in this infinite, massive, expansive universe and it is often so easy to feel like we are at the center of it all.  We clearly are not, and although it is wise to have an insight of your ego and how you affect the world there is clearly a billion times more things that don’t involve you.  We should not so easily get lost within ourselves being the center of the universe.  It is a balancing act for sure but a lot of depression and stress and angst and anxiety in the modern human, especially the American, is a result of this imbalance and us taking too personally everything that’s happening in our lives.  It is really not all about us, but likewise, we have to be happy with ourselves before we can be happy with what’s around us.  You see, it’s not the easiest pickle to figure out.

What I’ve learned to love about psychedelic medicine and the San Pedro in this situation is how non-ordinary states of consciousness can be a positive force for living and dealing with ordinary states of “normal” day to day consciousness.  Our brains need stimulation in non-ordinary ways too no different than our bodies need it and why we do workouts that cater to different muscles not too much used, which we then are sore from.  If we are in an emotionally good place then we ARE in a good place.  Emotional health is everything and contrary to popular belief regarding whatever politicians and laws tell us regarding the “War on Drugs,” psychedelics can dramatically benefit emotional well-being and leave us in a very healthy, light, calm, loving, accepting, efficient, and connective place.


6/17…..Mega Doses of The Utah Desert and LSD

—–During these first few hours every thought that is thought seems of absolute magnitude.  It all seems so important and so meaningful and you’re thinking about things in ways you feel like you never have before, or it’s been very long since you have.  The glee and joy and fascination of a child seems to come back to you.  You find everything interesting.  You find everything motivating.  You want to uncover and figure out everything.  You have raw powerful energy.  Your brain is literally on display.  What makes you human and a part of nature is being defined to you and it is the most fascinating thing ever.  You feel grateful for the experience.  How have you forgotten about such things?  How have you ever veered from these magical insights and thoughts?  How could you not have motivation and empowerment for everything you see all the time?  The world can be such a wonderful place.  Laughing takes over as it seems like some weird joke you play on yourself for somehow not experiencing life as it can be…


6/17…A Conversation with Death

—–It is hard to live in a world that so easily puts people into boxes.  You can’t help but compare yourself to commercials or succumb to people yelling at you to be better or people yelling at you with their ego or the whole world coming at you in a way where their existence is tied to controlling you into their own little whims and desires.  It is EXHAUSTING and it’s easy to get bored with human endeavors overall and their supposed meaning.

We are all symbolically falling off that roof that you jumped off and it’s painful and people judge us, we judge ourselves, and we hurt others, and others hurt us, but that doesn’t mean that ying doesn’t need yang or vice versa.  There are parts of us that come out in moments and life is overall painful.  You look stupid most of the time, especially if you decide to engage

Let me live my life in a way where even if there’s blackness and nothingness at the end of it I still choose to be a positive minded Nilist.  I don’t want to live in lonely fear.  I don’t want to be thinking of a way out.  I don’t want to be stuck in normalized cultural trances of acceptance and sense of worth and judgment.  I need to face my life and know that I’m living it and trying the best I can with the energy and motivation that I have and that’s good enough.

We all make decisions in our many lives and there really is no way to tell which is right or not, or if that really means anything.  We think we know based on what other people’s perceptions and judgements are but it has much more to do with other things than that.  Don’t get stuck on silly details of perception or attachments or social norm achievements.  That’s what will make you feel like you are worthless and alone in the end.  More will always be demanded of you and the revolving cycle of not feeling good enough will keep showing up at your door if you entertain such societal demands and expectations.  Every person is much greater than that and it’s okay for everyone to go through their own process.  Be in your present moment most of the time.


12/16…Unattachment in Love Leading to Healthy, Expansive, Empowering Love (Found in Wellness Coaching–Positive Processing)

—-Unattachment in love is purely the ability to love someone freely. Both people are able to come and go at will, without ever feeling like there is an expectation for a specific set of behaviors or timelines.  Communication and expression and holding space and intersecting your empowered life with your partner’s empowered life and moving on from there is the foundation of unattachment love.

In order to truly love someone this way we have to first name and sit with our wounds; our fear of abandonment, rejection and whatever else we have been conditioned, since birth, to expect from a relationship. Once we can do this work for ourselves, it doesn’t suddenly end, but rather becomes easier to navigate unattachment.  We understand that our feelings don’t have to do with the other person, but with ourselves.

Unattachment simply means that we are choosing to love in a mindful way.


11/16…San Pedro Cactus Brew.  Using Medicinal Plants to Take Charge of Your Own Healing 

–People commonly use San Pedro Cactus to confront a variety of ailments. These ailments include approaching anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, stress, in a different, communicative, and efficient way. The medicine is used with intention setting to positively increase empathy, one’s connection to the world, one’s connection to oneself and others. It is used to tap into one’s life meaning and fulfillment and purpose and allows one to process more efficiently whatever it is that is on the mind and also things that weren’t realized were on the mind.


4/16…Bernie Minded Political Participating During the Day and Ayahuasca Indigenous Healing Ceremonies at Night

—-As we come to terms more with who we are and what we participate in and learn more about indigenous cultures and take in their influence and the medicine of the Earth, we may find that we are not as enlightened or producing as much good as we think we are. Hence is the energy of the people standing up with the Bernie campaign and striving to go against the system and change it for the better. I look forward to seeing where this movement goes and also taking in more indigenous influence and looking at things more from the perspectives of people who truly value their connection to nature and each other. People who are consumed by promoting healing and pathways to enlightenment focused away from American consumerism, materialism, oppressive traditions, addicting and mind numbing drugs, short term attention spans, and gimmicky advertising and infomercial forms of communicating that easily take over our lives…

2/16…Linear thinking vs Stan Grof, Holotropic Breathwork and Inducing Psychedelic States 

—-…our consciousness is not from our brain. There is no observable evidence that explains even why or how or if even in fact our own consciousness exists. It is a part of the universe that is flowing through the brain and providing us with a vision of how the universe is developing and also showcasing that the universe is happening just as much within us internally. The ordinary state brain is an incredible reducing valve, far from giving us a full dimension of being…

2/16…Trauma, Transcendence, and the Birth Prenatal Matrix

—-…How do we get ourselves to a place where our suffering comes with a hint of perspective that can lead us to re-birth and transcended into a new being moving on from things that held us back before? The source of trauma can be long lived and have its effects on us forever until once again we are forced into another realm with death. Do we really want to wait that long? To be forced yet again by an unknown hand or mother to move on to the next world? That is not the only option. We can have more control than we think…

1/16…LSD Creativity Battling Depression

—-The medicine allows for me to feel as if I create my own maze in my daily life. What do I wake up and subject myself to in order to succumb to the pressure of feeling that I need to do this or have to do that? I’m not saying this feeling is altogether horrible but when it’s taken out of balance and that’s all you’re exposed to day after day it can easily have negative affects. We are capable of breaking out of these depressing routines and LSD brings us back to a balanced state by being exposed to looking at the world in a fundamentally different way…

11/15…Tobacco/Nicotine: The, I guess if you like something enough you eventually put it up your butt, drug

—-The poison path with plants is explored.  Therapeutic applications and dangers of tobacco.

10/15…Dying To Know. A movie about Timothy Leary and Ram Daas

9/15…The 35th Annual Telluride Mushroom Festival

9/15…A Doppelgangers View of Burning Man

6/15…The Psychedelic Re-Emerging Healing World

1/14…Standing in a pot line with Axelrod Beaverton

7/12…Suicide, 9/09

6/12…Poison ivy or bad coke

5/12…The traditional sauce vs. the rebellious weed…marijuana vs alcohol

4/11…Grandpa Lyon

2/12…A world of addiction: a conversation

7/11…Just saying yes?


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