A Racial Conversation

8/16…The Movement at Hand.  Book Review and Summation of Manning Marable’s ‘Malcolm X.’

—-Malcolm’s revolutionary vision confrontationally challenged white America to think and talk differently about race.  Before any such term of “white privilege” existed Malcolm challenged whites to examine the policies and practices of racial discrimination and its destructive effects upon both its victims and promulgators.  He was hopeful that whites could overcome centuries of negative socialization toward blacks and profoundly believed in the all important element of intersectionality where all movements are one and working together for justice.  This was displayed by Malcolm moving beyond the U.S. government in terms of achieving racial justice.  His work in Africa and around the world established a world movement for human rights.  The United Nations and mass movements was what would influence nations.  In an interesting note, the al-Qaeda terrorist network even finds common ground with these beliefs making sharp distinctions between mainstream African-American leaders like Barack Obama vs revolutionary leaders like Malcolm X.  Obama being seen as a race traitor while leaders like Malcolm actually promoting the plight of his people.  Not that being recognized by al-Qaeda is something to boast about but when there are shared values by Americans and al-Qaeda that is definitely something worth noting and going after.


7/16…Racist America Forcing the Issue of a Race War Supported by “un-Racist” Privileged Americans

—-The commonality of us all in this is that we all want to feel less uncomfortable. For the Black and minority communities that means not being disproportionally targeted for mass incarceration, harassment, and death by police who target them. For white communities comfort comes in the form of always being right and not having to think about the problems of race or thinking you are not contributing to the problem or that the world should simply be color blind. Two vastly different worlds of uncomfortableness. It’s going to be the people with privilege who stand up and fight for equality who have the opportunity to enact the most change. It’s an uncomfortable truth but not doing so will casually lead us into the race war that’s being sold to us.

Being comfortable at all coasts and not thinking about racism and privilege is public enemy number one. To the privileged and powerful, equality enforced will always feel like oppression.

Racist America is promoting a race war and bringing along with it people who are not racist but who can easily and passively believe (or doing nothing about) all the things their racist counterparts say or what is measured as racial oppression. Innocent people’s privilege is being used against them. The march towards the race war continues and the people most marching in that direction are the ones who don’t even realize they are marching there. Standing idle and saying you don’t believe in or know what to believe regarding white privilege will make privilege mindsets and racism grow more. Not taking a stand and researching what is actually going on will make it worse. Congrats, you’re part of the problem if you don’t take it upon yourself to really see, to really experience, to really research, to really do something about, to really listen to the people most affected about what is going on. It is easy for the system and status quo to win as doing nothing produces inequality.

The more time spent fighting against the realities of black and minority suppression and their mass incarceration and the very visible police brutality and killings that are taking place all throughout the country, the more time we will be, by association, perpetuating racism. In order for us to really combat racism it requires us to come in contact with people and listen to them and honor and respect what they are their communities are going through. It requires experience of interaction rather than knowledge of what is going on.

1/16…..Modern Day Racism

—-Somehow conservative whites feel they are being attacked because society has become more equal in past decades and conservative leaders have manipulated people into this thinking and that losing their racial superiority has somehow been an unfair process in and of itself. In society’s attempt to make things more equal, limiting and taking power away from dominate groups, who once saw it as normal to oppress people, will forever be seen as an oppressive process to the dominate majority. Hence where the term ‘Reverse Racism’ and ‘All Lives Matter’ gets its gusto and the term ‘White Privilege’ goes largely unnoticed. Welcome to the world of modern racist and oppressive language. You might as well be saying ‘spic’, ‘bitch’, ‘wop’, (insert aggressive derogatory name here).


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