Political Posturing of the 2012 Election III. Romney is as American as Slavery

Lyon Keating:

I’ve noticed that while being in public places watching Obama speak at the convention or one of the million speeches he is making these days people stop and look up at the surrounding TVs in a certain awe and admiration that they don’t stop and listen to Mitt Romney with.  He’s watched because he is a good speaker.  He has organized ideas.  He stands for being a liberal.  He is presidential in his demeanor and character and he has a sense of humor and seems to be basically a normal, smart person that you’d want around to help you with something.  Mitt Romney is watched out of disgust for Obama and the impossible situation he was handed by Bush and now they will in turn vote for another version of Bush.  Go figure.  Romney will exercise more limitations on our lives, our thoughts, our visions, our bodies, our wallets, and make things more accessible for people like him and those favoring Clint Eastwood views.  Control and a much more specific right and wrong that are found in America’s past are at the core values of his beliefs and ideologies.  Obama will continue on the road to openness, will be consistent in his long-term approach, and will stay the path of what the modern world and generations need.  The quick fix for once has taken a back seat and his ideas and outcomes are starting to become more consistent and go into affect.  Obama represents more of the type of common person in America.  His ethnicity, race, socio-economic background will make him able to connect and think of the needs and experiences of more people.  The choice seems very clear.  How can you put Romney up against Obama and vote for Romney?  It’s like somebody taking the stance that the Royals are a better team than the Yankees.  Yes, you may get mad as I do at how good the Yankees are and root for the Royals to beat them but you’ll never put your complete faith in the royals in a money bet.  You can’t really take them as seriously even if you would like to.  Are people really going to jump into a voting booth in November (two days before my birthday to be exact) and pick Romney out of disgust for Obama?  That would be a harsh fate for Obama, and really the people of our country, if no better reason were mustered up.  However, after remembering my experiences with the second election of Bush Jr. I have come to terms that anything is possible.  The lackluster ability of the critical thinking skills of people never surprises me.  It’s not that people are stupid, it’s just that they don’t think (and of course the smaller group that just are fucking hateful towards others that will always vote for a right wing Republican).  Our country was and still is very much defined by god, guns, slavery, racism, venture capitalism, and extremely narrow-minded viewpoints.  They are traditional, powerful, and go a long way (so long in fact that it usually takes a generation to die off for real change to occur).   Sometimes we are at the whim of many unchanging, thinking-less people and we will reap what our unthinking thoughts sow!

And for those that scream that Mitt Romney doesn’t define what America is all about I would disagree.  He represents a thinly veiled symbolism to what our country was founded on.  Groups of private, wealthy capitalists coming across the big drink and establishing an easy way to make a big buck.  A group that was reliant on indentured servitude and slavery for their profits and industry.  A group that was mostly white, rich, land owners and could have been easily more religious (or at least spouted the religious fervor for others to follow).  It’s always easy to spout and believe in the religious/control mechanisms of a society when you are flourishing in that society.  Today we have a Republican party where 9 out of 10 of its followers are white (and of that most of which are white males), which is home to most of the extremely wealthy and extremely religious, and relies mostly on the structure of society that makes the rich even richer and keeps the middle and lower classes in place and paying more of their fair share in an unfair tax percentage.  Mitt Romney claims that 47% of the country will never even think about voting for him and, therefore, he can’t go ahead thinking about them.  Don’t you think he would have liked to live in a world where he could say 75 or 80% won’t even think about voting for him but it wouldn’t matter because only land owners and other rich whites vote?  I would have to think Mitt Romney would flourish in that world.  Are you apart of the 47% or would you want a president or leader who has written off about half of the country and won’t speak to their needs?  Do you want a leader who is blaming you solely for your problems and life scenarios and doesn’t believe there is really much else that it has to do with?  Seems to me like it is very much American to act in such a manner but it is also an American attitude that we have left behind in the past for a reason.


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