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…to my website, celebrating the undying spirit of the Avid Fan!

The question I ask you is who wouldn’t want to be an Avid Fan?  Especially when being an Avid Fan consists of losing all insecurities and throwing your hands in the air in outrageous back and forth excited movements with your head and neck bobbing all around and your mouth wide open screaming oh so wonderful ‘woohoos! or ahhhhhhs! or yeah baby yeahs!’ in delight.  And the best part about it is you are motivated to be doing this because you are truly, honestly, and most importantly, avidly, being a fan of and standing for something that makes you really feel true energy and purpose!

This website consists of the many writing of Ryan Keating (sometimes referred to as Lyon in the older writings) and what his mind and fingers are an avid fan of.  It also consists of the writings and conversations of many of the important others in his life who have had an immense impact on the shaping of his mind.  I wouldn’t be anywhere near what I am today without the comments, criticisms, arguments, discussions, thoughts, etc. of those special people around me who have pushed their ideas and views and in turn molded my thought process just as much as I have for myself.

The topics you see on the right of the screen are organized into categories that are hopefully leading to new books in the future.  If you click on one of them it will take you to a page where you can click on various chapters all within that topic.  They are full of travel stories, articles, critical thought, education, philosophy, social commentary and critiques, opinions, love, conversations, memorable moments, friends, relationship squabbles, heavy introspection, alternate realities, political musings, and just your basic all around other stuff that fills in the gaps in life.  There is no absence of passion or a desire to write and express oneself in the topics and worlds you’ll embark on here.  Living freely and having a gusto for life and thinking deeply and being motivated to jump forth on various adventures, all while fulfilling your sense of meaning, is what brings out the Avid Fan in all of us.

Good luck going into the realm of this website.  I hope you can get at least a somewhat glimpse into my mind where critical thought about all things is intermixed with the Harlem Globetrotters constantly performing and circus music always on repeat with little Maltese and Puggy doggies running around in fields upon fields of the finest mushrooms.  And then after it all, it is critically examined for how the avid pursuit can be improved upon and moved to the next level because the unexamined life is not worth living:)

I hope you enjoy the spirit of the Avid Fan!

Yours truly,

Ryan Keating

P.S.  “The voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tacks”…Absolutely true Ralph Waldo Emerson but I feel like it would have sounded better if you had finished this sentence with, “while being an avid fan.”


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