The Rising Bernie Movement vs The Corrupt and Dilapidated Hilary and Trump Charade

15 07 2016


This past week the Bernie movement went through some ups and downs.  Fortunately, the downs happened in about an afternoon and then the ups refueled the most fervent of Bernie supporters (national delegates) upon which then fueled the more casual supporter.  Is Bernie a mastermind?  Did he really take his movement to the brink of despair by endorsing Hilary Clinton only to have it blast forward as a result?  He’s playing the Democrat party like a fiddle.  A true leader is showcasing himself among the dilapidated political party candidates.  Trump will bring us catastrophic fascism and Hilary who will bring us a neo-liberal disaster.  We have more in common with what we lose vs what we gain with these candidates.  That means this is the time for a change.


Bernie is simply exposing the political structure for what it is.  The movement is selling itself through natural incentives and supply and demand.  How is it that the by-laws of the Democratic Party make it so the candidate with less delegate votes needs to endorse the leader or else they will get shut out of the convention?  Absolutely corrupt and shows the lack of democratic values we’ve allowed to take place in our political party process.  The Democratic party and Hilary Clinton continue to hold the American people hostage in their pursuit for power and winning at all costs.  Reasonable people see this.  Reasonable people also allow fear to grip them to the point of not participating in this.  Political minded people say this is just politics.  We need to developmentally get beyond this.  Don’t allow your fear of Trump lead you to vote for something that is still going to be awful in its implementation of standing for democratic values and people centered politics.  We all lose in this.  Why not vote for democratic values that actually are democratic values rather than simply the name of Democrat?  The Bernie movement is where this is at?  Jill Stein and the Green Party is where this is at.  Why not allow yourself to relish in voting and standing for what you want rather than choosing the lesser of two evils.  Two of which will lead you with similar mountains of problems and oppression.


The Democrats have ignored the issues of poverty, police abuse, mass unemployment/meager wage employment.  The levels of wealth inequality and environmental degradation is out of control.  The Clinton policies of the 90s generated mass inequality, mass incarceration, the privatization of schools, Wall Street domination, etc.  These neo-liberal policies helped create right wing populism that is ballooning in the country at the moment with the likes of Trump.  Is Hilary really going to come to the rescue with the same neo-liberal strategies and policies and leadership that got us into this mess?  Hardly a realistic solution.


Obama has been a warrior for establishment and neo-liberal policies at its best.  He is the best case scenario and peak of where this political structure can go and it produced a leader and political cause with no backbone.  In the words of Cornel West, “Obama is not a love warrior, but rather a polished professional.”  We need a love warrior.  We need someone who declares what side they are on.  We need someone who takes a stand and does something about people’s suffering and has solidarity with poor and working people rather than just giving lip service to them.  I voted for Obama twice but I won’t vote for someone like him again as the modern times call desperately for more.  Obama strategy has been in being the president of all people rather than the president of black or suffering people, which is becoming a staggering amount and compiles most Americans.  Makes sense in the same way that “all lives matter” makes sense.  It is ignoring justice for people that need it most.  It is ignoring the times we live in.  It is playing party politics over actually engaging with the issues and his actions have come to haunt the country as a whole.  It is a question of justice not being served to most people in the U.S. and a small, privileged population being catered to instead.  People who are struggling are starting to stand up and demand changes be made.


Bernie held a conference call the day after his Clinton endorsement for his national delegates.  It was the smartest play and re-ignited his base to show up and fight as hard as ever in Philadelphia at the convention.  A, confrontational-for-the-good-of-the-people, group is migrating to the city of brotherly love to stand up for our fellow brothers and sisters.  A Black Lives Matter base is fired up and will be in Philadelphia to stand up for their fellow brothers and sisters.  Jill Stein and the Green Party will be there standing up for the same causes as the Bernie Movement.  Intersectionality and the merging of movements is what creates positive change and what will be coming together in Philadelphia.  It will be people power at its finest.  I can’t wait to be there to relish and grow in what it means to really stand up for something positive that will benefit the most people possible.


Did Clinton and Democrat ‘establish-ites’ really think that it was going to be that easy?  That a Bernie endorsement was all it was going to take?  Bernie is just a people’s insider playing the establishment/neo-liberal game.  That endorsement was nothing more than words and really just filled supporters with passion and zeal to pick up the cause when it’s needed most.  The convention will be contested.  It will be a political fight.  There will be hundreds of thousands of people in the streets demanding someone to be our leader who actually cares and will do something for common people.  The Democrat political establishment will see this.  Will they continue to hold the American people hostage?  Will they keep shooting themselves in the foot?  Will they continue to claim they are doing what will best beat Trump while not actually doing what will best beat Trump?  Sanders is that solution and will unite all on the left and many on the right to create this reality; to really stand for the people in masses who are suffering and against the oppressive forces at hand.


Even if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination he has been given the opportunity to be on the Green Party ticket by Jill Stein.  Jill Stein is a woman who holds the same values that make us love Bernie so much.  She is a love warrior.  She would be an amazing woman and advocate for the movement’s cause.  Bernie joining the Green Party would actually destroy the two party destructive monopoly in the U.S.  It would bring in a wave of new thinking and allow a much needed third voice to be heard in the U.S.  There are more people in our country who are not Republican or Democrat than are, and they so desperately want to vote for a proven, non-corrupted, reliable third option.  It’s an all star third option vs the two most unpopular presidential candidates in history.  I’ll put my money on that third option any day.  It’s time to adapt and evolve America.  Now is the time.  We have it at our fingertips.  Just reach out and take it.  Imagine what it would be like to actually vote for people that stood up for the most of us and the environment?  Will we evolve this year or will it be in 5 years, 10 years, 100 years?  Now is the time.  Not taking advantage of this opportunity is not worth it.  You can’t invest in the idea that it will just probably come around again.  You don’t know when it will come again and be this easy and obvious.


The mobilization of this movement, of Black Lives Matter, of any group standing up for people power is truly inspiration, admirable, and motivating.  It is democracy and beauty at it’s finest.  Despair has led to action and has come about as a result of the declining system.  We are being the ‘hope’ rather than just hoping for ‘hope.’  We are staying awake and being stimulated by a lifestyle revolving around a moral and spiritual cause.  We are telling the truth about what is going on.  We are willing to take action and go to jail to fight for justice as not doing so will continue to lead to insurmountable suffering.  It is a great time to be alive.  How will you be an actor in this grand play?  What side will you be on?







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