Politcal Posturing of the 2012 election II. Remember Mitt Romney doesn’t want you to vote

Lyon Keating:

Will people really vote for the idea of Mitt Romney?  Will they really vote for the party that has put forth more legislation to keep the common person from voting and even admitted it in states like Pennsylvania?  Just remember when you are sitting in the voting booth that Mitt Romney and his government supporters would rather more people not have access to voting.  This comes across as extremely depressing and like something somebody in a free country should be harshly criticized and even held accountable for.  No matter how stupid you think the masses are you can’t take away voting.  How come nobody is really noticing this or talking immensely about it?  Why is a portion of our government getting away with passively and directly denying this fundamental right that is at the cornerstone of a democracy?  Something is seriously wrong here.

Given his enthusiasm for the common American to have access to voting will people really vote for a man that comes across and seems rooted to the privileged sector of society?  Will enough of the 99% really vote for the 1% and for the much more traditional values that our grandparents would be more likely to believe in? (For the record mine don’t and I’m extremely proud of that!).  Are people really that short sighted and forgetful of what doubling down on conservative/republican ideology and favoring the extremely wealthy did for the country as it only happened four years ago?  How can we go back to that and how can people not see that Obama was handed a pyramid of crumbling cards by the very people who are now trying to take it back and put the blame on him?  How come the people in our society don’t realize that on day one of Obama’s presidency he was dealing with the culmination of day 730 of the Bush regime and the economy of the industrialized world was teetering on an edge?  There are more deeply rooted questions and reasons for why people vote and feel the way they do, but holy shit, c’mon!  Think about it for a god damn minute will ya!

Four years ago I was ecstatic about the change that was coming into the country with the coming of Obama’s first term.  Finally the Bush era was over and I could respect government and its most symbolic leader again.  However, Obama occupied a titanic that was hundreds of feet sunk and still on the plummet and only now has he mended the ship that is breaching the surface.  If people go in a different direction now they will not let the liberal/Obama experiment work itself out. Let’s see what happens.  Let’s see what happens when the second worst financial crisis in U.S. history has had some time to ease itself and our leaders have had a chance to find their footing.  People voted for hope and change four years ago but it was mostly symbolic as it was impossible to bring things back to prosperity after what had happened.  The symbolism was change in itself but obviously not enough.  We diverted paths and avoided a short-term fix with old ideas that also proved weren’t working for the long run.  The best change is a long-term one and those foundations take time to create and how come that is a hard idea to understand?  Do people not know how to create long-term positive change in their own lives?  Are short-term fixes what most people only understand and will this not most of the time only lead to long-term ruin?  Is this a more fundamental problem within people than anything we associate with political inefficiencies?  Are people really getting to a stage where they don’t know what’s good for them whether it’s brought on by what’s within them, or by what’s advertised to them?  I suppose more could be said about this but not at this particular moment.  Nonetheless, the Obama/liberal project is just under way and picking up consistency and steam and we want to rip the rails out from under it?  People are getting jobs each month.  Things are getting better slowly and it’s heading in a positive direction.  Didn’t somebody say once that turtles win races?  If we divert paths now we’ll be shooting ourselves in the foot and never will know how slow progress would have turned out.  We’ll hang on to old ideas and take longer to grow and keep fighting the same fight because we didn’t see our ideas and movements through.  Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what direction to go in but, always, it’s easier to tell where you came from and what worked and what didn’t.  We’ll stall as a nation and keep from moving forward if we abandon ship now.  The Conservatives had their turn and we saw what happened and now the liberals need to be given theirs.  We’re at a vast moment of change no mater how we look at it.  It’s make or break and let’s see what happens and not go back to what caused us to have emotional outbursts and yearn for that change in the first place.  It’s not that time yet.


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