Rendezvous with Relations

1/17…The Utah Romance of Pollution, Mormons, Hunters, Hot Springs, Latinos, Nudists, Burners, Cannabis

—-Then in the distance we heard nightmarish sounds.  The sounds of squeaky laughter, out of control bush trekking, and total disregard for all space and time.  Yes, it was children.  And not like a few but what sounded like loads of them.  There was no way out.  We were naked in a state you could get cited for it, our cannabis was sitting in plain sight on the shore in a state you could get arrested for it; we were totally defenseless against these little crazy monsters that would at any moment appear from the bushes.  Then, suddenly, they came and it was too late…

4/12…Romance driven by women in order to get more friends out of the men they date?  Who would have ever put it past them;)

2/12…A message to a woman from a man: you are not crazy

–Response…Handling our emotions

2/12…Stay at home parenting vs good child care

10/11…Ugly jabs, personal shots, stubborness, reactionary tones, and yet we persevered

6/11…The virtues of those we knew…Grandpa Bernard…6/11/11

5/11…An opportunity missed

5/11…Are your spouse’s flaws all in your head?

–Response…An introspection love dive

–Response…Trusting your partner and seeing beyond ourselves

3/11…Alcoholic friendships built to last the high

2/11…The virtues of those we knew…Grandma Frances…2/16/11

1/11…It’s everybody else’s fault and I’m so noble

12/10…We’re all Bart Simpson when it comes to friends

12/10…An attempt at consoling

10/09…G chatting our problems away (or really bringing them more towards us)

9/09…How to remember to put a smile on your face

8/09…Relationship strife

7/09…Recipe for a loving relationship (at least for ten years that is)

6/09…Scorpio battle

5/09…Dating your friends; a recipe for disaster

6/07…How to decide who to marry (written by kids)



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