5 Political Groups Yearning for Power, 4 Getting Representation Within 2 Parties, 1 Tribe Will Win

4 03 2016

This is an outrageous year for the presidential election.  This being my 5th presidential election I’ve participated and taken part in, it seems like all the marbles are at stake in this one.  With the second most intense election being 2008.  What a coincidence, Hillary is the common denominator here.  The rhetoric is being amped up on all sides of the political spectrum.  Having read a fantastic Robert Reich piece this morning, we basically have 5 political parties vying for the presidency and only four that have representation.  The ‘Authoritarians’ in Donald Trump are leading the way on the Republican side.  The alternative to Trump, also on the Republican side, is Ted Cruz which represents the ‘Far-Right’ interests.  The ‘Democrat Establishment’ in Hilary Clinton is slightly beating the ‘Revolutionaries and Progressives’ in Bernie Sanders also on the Democrat side.  The only powerful party not represented is the ‘Republican Establishment.’  With no candidate basically winning anything for them and as they hate both Trump and Cruz, it will be interesting to see which side they throw their weight into.  It would probably be the ‘Democrat Establishment’ as they fall most inline with them ideologically.


The Democratic establishment in Hillary has a very similar agenda to the Republican establishment in say Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, etc.  Another term you might have heard defining the groups is neo-liberal and neo-conservative.  The group, whether you call it ‘Democratic Establishment’ or ‘Neo-Liberal’ is the same thing (and same thing with the ‘Republican Establishment’ being the same as ‘Neo-Conservative.’  The Republican Establishment has more in common with the Democrat Establishment than say the Republican Establishment has in common with the Conservatives within their own Republican party (same thing with the Democrat Establishment having less in common with the Liberal/Progressives within their own Democrat party).


In the Democrat branch of the establishment there is a slight social cause push.  Funding for social programs, a little more nice guy talk, a little more acceptance towards gays and minorities, a little more patient push towards military conquest and empire.  Politically correct Neo-Liberals (Democrat Establishment) are expected to be pro-abortion, pro-gay/lesbian, pro-affirmative action, pro-Israel, pro-gun control, pro-more separation of church and state, pro-big government, pro-American empire, etc.


In the Republican branch of the establishment there’s a little more tough guy talk, quicker moves toward military empire, a little more mention of religion, and a tad more centralization of power within the president.  Politically correct Neo-Conservatives (Republican Establishment) are more likely to be pro-life, anti-gay/lesbian, anti-affirmative action, pro-Israel, anti-gun control, pro-state and church having more of a merge, pro-Empire, etc.


In both Establishment situations the Democrats pretends to be concerned about the inequalities in the distribution of income and wealth while the Republicans make it clear they do not have those values.


Until Americans stop getting distracted by the simple Republican versus Democratic small dramas both establishments represented in them will win in their overall goal which is moving America more steadily forward towards war, empire, corporate interests, bank interests, pharmaceutical interests, any big money investor that keeps buying politicians and having their will and profits catered to more than what is important and needed for the American people.  A true opposition party is needed to counter the never changing American agenda for military and corporate empire and at this point in time we are seeing first hand the over arching negative affects of such policies on its citizens.  The citizens are speaking up!


This is where Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders come in.  The authoritarians in Trump have risen to power because people on the right have no trust in Republican establishment politics anymore.  They see a solution in Trump.  A man that has power over this hugely influential Republican party that’s always been there and reigned supreme.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Trump is not really standing for the people’s best interests by any means but he is standing against and winning against the establishment, which has stood in the way of the interests of the people of the right for some time now.  The establishment is starting to freak out as a result.  A splintering of the Republican party over this seems imminent.


The revolutionaries with Sanders see similar things.  They recognize that politics as usual with Hillary Clinton is selling out our country and people to the interests of corporations, banks, big pharma, highest bidder, etc.  They see that the major media outlets are on the same side as the establishment (whether Republican or Democrat) and are in essence being fed fake news, or at least news that caters to the interests and stories important to empire and establishment politics reigning supreme.  Revolutionaries see a pathway to power at making our democracy a more true democracy again and the will and power of the people will push through their candidate to the highest office in the land.  Bernie Sanders is different than Trump in that his policies would bring about the most amount of positive change for the American people and people of the world given that war is not a top priority of Sanders or common Americans.  People would make more money in the minimum wage being raised to a livable wage, single payer healthcare would be offered which would make healthcare more affordable and efficient, and college would be made free and the enormous student debt problems of students tackled and eliminated.  The policies of Sanders would bring about changes already implemented in other modern countries that largely help out huge populations of people in those places.


So there you have it!  We live in a complicated country.  The establishment party of the Democrat and Republicans, which is basically one party, have largely created this mess.  People have been left out of the process and whether it’s a bully on the right or a people empowered revolutionist on the left, the system and establishment politics that have went on for so long in this country is experiencing immense strain and changes seem inevitable on the horizon in the short and long run.





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