The Awakening Dragon of the Bernie Sanders Campaign

16 11 2015

There is an energy in the air right now. It is the energy of care. It is the energy of people realizing that a turning point is on the horizon and sides are clearly being drawn. Which side do you want to be on? Do you want to be on the side of the establishment or not? Do you want to be on the side of racism or not? Do you want to be on the side of corporate interests or not? Do you want to be on the side of career politicians or not? Do you want to be on the side of people saying all sorts of zany things without any real backing regarding science and research or not? How much credit do you want to give to fear? Do you want to not care about any of this and be on the side of nobody? We are all free to choose which direction to go in. It is the beauty America but are we at a point where our decisions are leading us in a direction where that choice will really no longer exist?


Forty percent voter turnout is a great number for America. As the sixty percent who don’t vote represent the hugest block often thinking their vote doesn’t matter or they don’t want to participate or they want total anarchy or they just couldn’t take the day off of work or had various other pressing life issues to take care of. Everyone has their story and basically all are more or less justified. Who is to judge about what people should spend their time doing and thinking?


However, there is a dragon stirring on the horizon. The people are realizing how much is at stake in our world. Business as usual means common middle/working class people continue to get gutted. It means it’s harder to find jobs that pay. It means we are at a point where it will be harder to control our destiny. If that dragon doesn’t wake up we’ll find it possibly harder for it to wake up as a super dragon proof cage might be constructed and all paid for by the taxpayer. How are we being used to work against our own interests? What world awaits us if the likes of the republicans gain control?


We have a circus of candidates on the republican side all vying for power. Every candidate sees women’s rights as telling them what to do with their body. Every candidate sees immigrants as the problem. Every candidate thinks all lives matter in response to the black lives matter movement thus ignoring the epidemic happening to minorities in our country. Virtually every candidate wants to meet ISIS aggression with aggression and bomb more countries into the stone age. Every candidate wants to end universal health care for people. Every candidate wants to give out handouts to corporations and make them pay less in taxes. Virtually every candidate wants to take astronomical amounts of money from lobbyists and donors in the form of super pacs/bribes, whatever it is you want to label it as. Every candidate wouldn’t mind arming more people. Every candidate is homophobic, racist, and will do anything and say anything to get into power. Every candidate panders obsessively to the extreme right thus turning half of our political parties in the U.S. into a party representing extremism vs representing moderates and most common people. What will happen if any of these people get into the most powerful office of the land in the white house?


Let’s look at some specifics: Donald Trump wants to deport 11 million people and build a huge wall that will cost astronomical amounts of money. Not to mention refers to Mexicans as rapists. Jeb Bush gets baited into answering questions about whether he would kill Adolf Hitler as a baby if he were able to go back in time with a resounding, “hell yes!” in his awkward tone thus displaying in grotesque fashion a reminder of what the previous George Bush era was like (it sends chills down my spine). Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz who are the children of immigrants support immigration policies which would not have let in their own parents had it been enacted when they came to the U.S. Ben Carson doesn’t know anything about anything he talks about. He’s a neurosurgeon and refers to racism as “that racist stuff” and believes Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) to be the worst thing since slavery and believes that the Egyptian pyramids were used for storing grain. He just seems like he’s around to sell books. Carly Fiorina wants a no fly zone in Syria which would create a stand off with Russia and probably start WWIII (somehow I don’t think shooting down Russia planes is the answer).


Overall, during these debates I can’t tell if I’m watching a reality TV show where the next person will get voted off the island or yet another sensationalized news media outlet pandering to who can say or believe in the most extreme idea. It’s corporate media biased in action compared to the supposed conservative and liberal media biases that don’t really exist. Since when did everything get so lopsided and end up with republican leaders who didn’t represent anything that normal people are going through? But in the end, those normal people will vote for these candidates. They’ll ignore that there’s no jobs or livable wages available, they’ll ignore that starting wars is a bad idea, they’ll ignore the problem that comes from billions of dollars flooding into the political arena, they’ll ignore the problems the middle class is going through, they’ll ignore our crumbling infrastructure, they’ll ignore that we have no schools left, they’ll ignore how easy it is to fall into mountains of debt, they’ll ignore that we have no healthcare, they’ll ignore that we incarcerate more people as a country vs. any other country in the world, they’ll ignore their own lives except for a few things. They’ll pay attention to telling a women what she can and can’t do with her body, they’ll pay attention to keeping brown and black people out of their country/society, they’ll pay attention to the idea that all war is patriotic, they’ll pay attention to how much Obama sucks and that giving health care to people is just part of his evil plan, they’ll pay attention to the fact that Bernie Sanders is a socialist who stands for some negative word associated with Russia and the Cold War. The people who vote for their leaders in the republican party have very little in common with their actual leaders but they don’t know what they don’t know and think that’s as good as it gets based on the few issues they care about.


On the other side, you have Hilary Clinton and Bernie. One part of the establishment and one not. Hilary is a professional politician and has learned the game well and has the support of large donors, superpacs, corporations, any other large moneyed interst. Her career has been defined by saying and doing anything that will make her successful and win at politics. She does not believe in as draconian of the views as the republicans but her candidacy is still representative of so much that is wrong with the system. I will vote for Hilary if she is the only option against the circus clowns above but her tenure as president will just make the inevitable last a little longer and make it so that business as usual in Washington continues. Another kind of evil is displayed by the Hilary Clinton campaign due to this. The evil that says, on social issues you’re better than republicans, thank god, but you’re just as much involved in the corporate ills and giving hand outs to the banks and making back room deals with others in power that will eventually lead to an absolute destructive scenario for all of the middle class. It’s a different kind of establishment Democrat evil and it just sets the table for exploitation, war, banks, wall street, etc to take over your life. Even though it is clear who is the better candidate between Hilary and the republicans I ask you if some of the same awful things wouldn’t still come about if Hilary and her agenda were apart of the presidency? Business as usual except now it’s a woman in a suit vs. a man.


The heartbeat of the people is with Bernie Sanders. We can be a distracted bunch but when it’s cool and absolutely necessary we usually show up. Our power in numbers is really the trump card in the end but, god, it’s so much work. Do I really have to show up and do…stuff? I really hate stuff. Right now conservatives and liberals are coming together under Bernie Sanders. The dragon of the people is rolling around and having uneasy dreams about that dragon cage construction project being considered in the government. Bernie’s issues resonate within the people. Go after citizens united and get money out of politics, expand healthcare and education to all, get the middle class a livable wage so that they can afford life and buy things and improve our economy, pay attention to racial problems and come up with comprehensive strategies for wars abroad or not participate at all as corrupt wars in foreign lands is actually what creates organizations like ISIS. Normal people are paying for the Sander’s campaign. People and what they go through on a day-to-day basis is at the center of Sander’s message. Research and science are at the center of Bernie’s campaign. Climate change, Wall Street, the banks, and other such things that have and can continue to have absolutely destructive policies towards common people are at the core of his campaign. A vote for Bernie is a vote for having confidence in people and what they can accomplish if they are given fair and equal opportunities in an environment they can flourish in. Fear does not lead his campaign. It is a campaign focused on the pragmatic, common sense approaches for what works for people. Investing in people is what will make us greater!


This is the beginning of the end of something no matter who gets elected. The 95-99% of lives will suck big time if a republican get elected. The 95-99% of lives will suck less if Hilary gets elected. The 95-99% will greatly improve if Bernie gets elected. What side do you want to be on? Keep waking up that dragon. We vitally need it to level out the playing field before getting caged in can only be overcome through using French Revolution guillotine, heads-chopped-off measures. Nobody wants that and by that time the level of instability will be so great it’ll lead to decades of turmoil. Which way will America go?





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