Racist America Forcing the Issue of a Race War Supported by “un-Racist” Privileged Americans

12 07 2016

There is a staggering amount of statistics, research, evidence, facts for the reality that Black people and minorities in America have to walk everyday in a society that jails them, harasses them, kills them, fines them, and generally makes their lives outrageously difficult compared to that of white citizens.  Racist America is promoting a race war and bringing along with it people who are not racist but who can easily and passively believe all the things their racist counterparts say.  Innocent people’s privilege is being used against them.  For many things in America, for example, what we are sold as food, as medicine in legal pharmaceuticals, as education, and for whatever is advertised to us in general, the burden of proof is on the individual and consumer to navigate the endless stream of advertising and story lines to uncover authentic health and truth.  America society is set up to sell you what is easy and profitable, mostly disregarding anything truthful.  What we receive as a result is disease from our common foods, addictions and being strung out on legal drugs, prayers to corrupt leaders and gods, a criminal justice system rooted in racism, among many other things.  It is hard for the individual to be responsible and have the time to uncover the burden of proof on everything that’s why there is so much turmoil because how do we know what to believe?  We are being led by confusion on everything and the worst information possible and when one encounters truth they don’t know it.


Things I’ve heard this week: “Blacks have a natural inclination towards crime, all lives matters and not just blacks, blue lives matter, black on black crime is public enemy number one, I’m surprised you’re so insensitive to the families of the killed Dallas police officers, don’t believe the liberal media, if we threw a parade for every cop that did something good we’d have 10,000 parades, there is a race war going on where whites need to defend themselves, black lives matters is a terrorist group, being a cop is hard, stand up for our heroes in uniform, you believe in protesting and all that crap, you (meaning me) hate our country, you (meaning me) are a racist bigot and it’s people like you who are destroying our country.”  The list goes on and on.


All of these comments showcase the ever important problem of privilege in our country.  Most notably it is in the form of white privilege but there are obviously minority’s who believe in these viewpoints as well who have grown up with privilege.  People don’t look at these comments as being racist in nature as they do not consist of calling black people niggers or lynching them or doing other overt and direct and aggressive acts of violence towards them.  However, what these comments do perpetuate is the disproportionally mass incarceration of Blacks and minorities.  Through the mirage of the state and law enforcement it is seen in the eyes of these non-overtly acting, privileged people as being justified.  People only commit crimes who break the law.  Cops are wonderful people doing a good job and our country stands for all people, hence the ‘all lives matter’ spouting folk.  In turn, people like me are just instigators and shit disturbers and it’s me, as well as Blacks and minorities and black on black crime that are the real problems.  In order for us to really combat the racism in our country we have to come to terms of our levels of privilege and how that subconsciously and passively has affected the way we think and behave towards others, much in the same way as if we were acting directly racist towards them.  It requires us looking at things we take for granted being good like law enforcement and our state and our criminal justice system as possibly not being infallible.  It requires us to think critically about things and not automatically take in what is sold and presented to us in our comfortable worlds.  It requires us to come in contact with people and listen to them and honor and respect what they are their communities are going through.  It requires experience of interaction rather than knowledge of what is going on.


The comments above all reflect ideas that are being sold to us.  They reflect ideas that only relate to our own experiences and world view.  It’s easy to cater to black and white thinking but it’s black and white thinking that will give fuel to the racist ideas that are being sold to us.  Who actually wants a race war?  Racist people for one because, well, they are racist.  The media as well because they want anything that is a stimulating story that they can sell and have a million advertisements around.  So who are the media and overtly racist people marketing to?  They are projecting their message to the beef of the middle class and working class, particularly the white class, and trying to sell their ideas.  These consumers know what their world views are and know that they believe in law and order and when law and order go so aggressively against and jail blacks and minorities they feel they are right and the message marketed to them makes sense.  The march towards the race war continues and the people most marching in that direction are the ones who don’t even realize they are marching there.  White privilege, and privilege in general, makes you feel you are right and that fuel is being fed to you constantly.  Standing idle and saying you don’t know what to believe in terms of white privilege will make privilege mindsets just grow more.  The burden of proof is on the individual.  Not taking a stand and researching what is actually going on will make it worse.  Congrats, you’re part of the problem if you don’t take it upon yourself to really see, to really experience, to really research, to really listen to people about what is going on.  It is easy for the system and status quo to win.  Being comfortable, taking the message as is, and not thinking about it is public enemy number one.


American culture is at another peak time in their existence in dealing with their racist problem.  Around the time of the civil war books were read like “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” that tried to intellectually debate if Blacks and slaves were in fact actually people and if we should care about splitting up their families or just treat them like cattle.  The concept seems absolutely absurd in today’s time, however, we are having the same conversation right now that will seem absurd in 100 years.  Do black lives matter right now?  Yes, they do.  Do they matter more than white lives or blue lives (cops)?  No they don’t but at the moment they are experiencing the harshest of treatment so black lives matters is a response to a major racist problem and it’s where our attention should be.  During the civil war era people who felt that the southern white was being persecuted against were those who held the most racist views in society.  However, there was much sympathy for those white southerners.  They used to own plantations with free labor catered to an established, socially accepted structural norm in society and then they didn’t.  So yes, these whites were being persecuted in the sense that they lost power.  They went from having absolute power to being treated as slightly more equals to their black counterparts.  To the privileged and powerful, equality enforced will always feel like oppression.


The same thing is happening to the privileged communities of today who happen to be mostly white.  Their lives are being made to feel uncomfortable as more info is presented to them regarding the negative outcomes of their own actions and thoughts and the possibility presented that their trusted institutions, like the criminal justice system, is possibly perpetuating racism.  The more they fight against the realities of the black and minority suppression and the mass incarceration and very visible police brutality and killings that are taking place all throughout the country, the more they will in actuality, and by association, be supporting racism.  It’s the racism issue of our time.   It’s covert, it’s sneaky, it’s inconvenient, it doesn’t look like it has in the past, it requires thought and seeing outside of yourself.  Will we as white privilege folk keep fighting from being made to feel uncomfortable and in turn make the problem worse, or will we actually approach equality under the law which will put our families, our friends, our cops, our institutions in uncomfortable situations and hold them accountable to be held to a hire standard of actually serving, giving representation to, and protecting all?  The commonality of us all in this is that we all want to feel less uncomfortable.  For the Black and minority communities that is not being disproportionally targeted for mass incarceration and even killed by police who target them.  For white communities that means being right and not having to think about the problems of race or thinking you are not contributing to the problem or that the world should simply be color blind.  Two vastly different worlds of uncomfortableness.  It’s going to be the people with privilege who stand up and fight for equality who have the opportunity to enact the most change.  It’s an uncomfortable truth but not doing so will casually lead us into the race war that’s being sold to us.






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