Response to Creativity Killers

Lyon Keating:

I think that routines are great as well.  I really do love them but I also love spontaneity most in my life as I think I’ve relayed to you before.  I think one of the points in this is that you have to keep the brain guessing.  Just like comparing it to working out, your brain functions as a muscle.  If you don’t use it you lose it.  If you get into too much of a routine than you also gear your brain up for the same thing day in and day out and kill any creativity or outlier type thinking possibilities that might more likely arise.  Just like one of my favorite authors and writers once mentioned, Aldous Huxley, “you got to remember to look at a chair and not just see a chair, you got to see the significance of that chair on so many levels pertaining to existence.  Let things into your brain that don’t usually make it past the filter…”  Of course he was doing mescaline tests at the time and thought that was the pathway to this ‘filter less thought process’ but I think the goal can be achieved in other ways than just the drug use of course.


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