6/12…The Ryan and Matt final bout beard contest

The BEARD CONTEST TO END ALL BEARD CONTESTSRyan and Matt Keating show their worth as men who are constantly pursued for their genes by countless amounts of women and sperm banks!


May 24th. The most anticipated beard contest every witnessed has begun! I really like how my first submission really captures the essence of my opponent.


May 24th. A bright eyed younging with such high hopes of willing his facial hair to grow


May 26th. Whoa! What a delightfully grown first few days from Ryan. The wave itself might have just won him the contest.


May 27th. So just in case you couldn’t see it Matt is pointing to where his beard should be growing in. Thanks for the tip Matt


May 28th. Yes, Ryan also has the talents of being a professional photographer of beards.


May 31st. The quote that came with this picture was, “If I was a pirate they’d call me red-beard.” So far, it’s hard to tell if Matt is even capable of beating baby Jack in a beard contest


June 1st. Dark circles around the eyes and sleep deprivation were common for me because my beard was growing so fast and furious.  I was hallucinating constantly.


June 3rd. Final beard submission picture from Matt. Upon returning from his vacation his work made him shave it off because it didn’t count as an official beard.


Not bad, not bad Mr. Red Beard. You’ll get much respect among many Asian men for the fullest beard ever.


June 3rd.  And my final submission. I was visited by Jesus for having an outrageous full beard and he even gave me a shirt.


So I think it’s fair to say that in the end, Ryan’s beard represented something along the lines of this…


Whereas Matt’s represented something along the lines of this…but of course, you be the judge



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