Travel tax


Everything about this trip has been totally awesome!!!!!! The country is beautiful, the people are friendly, living with the family has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, seeing the animals in the wild was magical. Now it is time to leave. We get to the airport late (OF COURSE!!!!!!) but with enough time to catch my flight. But I am all alone at the ticket counter. The guy weighs the box I am bringing and sets it aside – NOT on the conveyor belt. He puts my backpack on the scale and shakes his head. I am overweight. This is patent nonsense, and I point out that the 23 kilograms is what my backpack weighs – well under the limit. He responds that the 23 kilograms is how much OVER the limit I am and that it will cost a lot of money. The backpack is still on the scale, so I know he is lying, but I begin to realize what is going on. He is holding my luggage and my flight hostage. How MUCH money will it cost me? Five hundred dollars, but we can make a deal. For a hundred dollars, he will put my luggage through. I give him eighty, IF he will put my luggage all the way through to Chennai. This is more money than he makes in a month, so he happily complies. He shows me the tags with the Chennai destination and puts them on the conveyor.

Well, British Air won’t hold bags over twenty-four hours, and my layover is well over that. So I didn’t even get what I paid for with the bribe!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, the trip was still worth it. And someday, my bags will make it here!!!!


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