The life of relative adventures

Lyon Keating:

Mr. Buzz,

It’s interesting to see the changes going on with you through your journals.  What is with the notion of being young and having to put yourself through suffering and isolation and uncomfortableness in order to feel like you’re accomplishing something?  I think that there is just a breaking point that can happen very suddenly within a lot of us where we say, “OKAY! okay” and then we realize that we can be comfortable, have people around, and still experience the same great thoughts, ideas, experiences, whatever, that we could before.  I think it’s just funny, though, how young people just have to go through that process.  You have been there, I have been there, and no wonder older people have a knowing sparkle in their eye when they hear of some young ruffians adventure.

Seems like a visit with your friend is exactly what you needed.  This brought a relaxing tone with your writing where it seemed like you were just enjoying things with a good friend and enjoying what you wanted to.  I liked how you mentioned you watched the Daily Show everyday.  Hey, you gotta do what you want to do.  If it’s watching the daily show then that’s it, if it’s hiking through South America then that’s it too.

I totally understand how things can start to look the same no matter where you go when all you want is the human connection.  Glorious jungles, amazing trails, monumental mountains, okay, okay, got my picture and now who can I talk to about it?  The movie Into the Wild, more so than the book (funny because I usually don’t say that), embodies this feeling well as the main character dies at the end but realizes that his experiences are almost for naught because he can’t relate to anybody about them.  It will be interesting to see where this feeling takes you.

And can you stop somehow implying that you’re less of an adventurous/rugged person for listening to your ipod or using your ipad in places like rural Latin America?  Ya know, these are just tools.  Tools that are very efficient.  You wouldn’t claim that riding a horse with a saddle was being a sellout would you?  What a dope, he’s using a saddle on his horse adventure.  Whole trip is null and void;)

It will always be hard to think of the grandeur of what you are doing simply because you are doing it.  When one does something so easily it is almost impossible to think of how grand it is.  Yes, you are simply traveling with your horse in Latin America.  You have figured it out and although it is a big challenge it is turning into your everyday life and coming easy for you.  However, you are a sort of celebrity because you are doing something most people won’t ever come close to doing and when you start talking about it, I’m sure a lot of the same questions come pouring in.  Whatever, I’m sure you can think of a summed up way to talk about it if you don’t want to dominant the whole conversation with whoever you are talking to.  And you’re only a show off if you put off the vibe that you are an epic person doing epic things and are really cool.  Doing this ride is no different than someone else who is doing their own adventure and people will realize that (but ultimately will think you’re extra awesome because c’mon a horse ride through where you’ve been and where you’re going IS pretty cool whether you like it or not:)

I love reading about the ultimate freedom you have.  There are not too many people who live their lives as such and it’s extremely refreshing to know people do this.  They do what they want to do and they don’t let anything stop them.  It’s too bad more people don’t try this lifestyle out.  Sure, who I am to say what’s good for everyone, but I have a feeling it would help a lot of people out if they just gave it a go.  So thanks for representing this energy in the world.  There needs to be more of it around!

So I guess I’ve commented about my overall impressions pertaining to your entry but I have one more comment to make.  Dare I say, or seem to notice, that you might be getting slightly bored or looking for something else?  Not that your trip is by any means boring but is it turning into routine for you?  Just like how I mentioned earlier, one does things in their life and often doesn’t notice the extreme of their life because one is simply doing it.  Everything is relative to what you experience day to day.  You seemed to have figured out the routine and the normal day to day ins and outs of the isolated, horse riding trip.  You really are a master horse rider now and do you keep on doing this going anywhere you please or do you grow antsy for the next thing to learn/adventure to go on?  It can be the curse of adventurous folk (or those with adventurous ADHD) to always feel the urge to move on to something else once they’ve figured out the routines of their current life (although I think it’s a great attribute too).

Take care brother Bunquetta and stop being a sissy and using a saddle.  It’s ruining the whole romance of your trip.


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