Romantic road visions

Lyon Keating:

Sorry I missed your party dude.  I was having major stomach flu issues all last week and was in LA.  Never a good thing to be puking out of both ends of your body not at your home, ugh, I quiver thinking about it.

Alas!  You are off again like the little Frodo Baggins that you are.  Is the motivation still there, is this “the trip” that will eventually lead you to South America again?  My heart aches for the adventure but it also aches for the greatness of owning a few small things like I have now in SF.  Just last night I awoke and starred at the ceiling for a hour straight wondering if I was making the right decisions going in the paths I’ve chosen for myself in my life.  Then I remembered that no matter where I am I always seem to have angst for doing something different and it’s very easy to get frustrated at times by having the same thing in your life day in and day out no matter what you’re doing.  I wonder if that feeling will ever subside.

I am very jealous of your opportunities to travel, as it is non-stop new terrain every day and so romantic but at the same time I cringe thinking about being on the road at times.  The loneliness associated with it, the fact that no one around really knows who you are.  Yes, it can be easy to make new friends but it could get very tiring to have to start over in a sense at every new place traveled to.  I never got used to this aspect of traveling as I seem to be such a social person, who likes to be social with those who know me.  Much of the time I always found I was gritting my teeth and will powering through experiences just to experience them instead of actually enjoying them.  That’s never good, but alas again, you don’t seem to have that problem and as long as you enjoy what you’re doing you should keep doing it.  I’m sure one day you might tire of it and your priorities change and then these days will be but memories, but hopefully, we’ll both always have that adventuresome spirit to dive into awkward, new situations whether they be abroad or more close to home.

I hope you find what you’re looking for, and if you already found it then keep finding it!  I still say that we’re going to run into each other at some random spot in the world and that will be so funny when that happens.  I’m heading over to Australia for the month of March and maybe longer so if you find yourself in that part of the world then that would be cool.  I figured I wanted to travel in a non-third world place for a second.  We’ll see how that goes.  Hope all is well with you and keep on trucking there tiger:)


Buzz Lightyear:

I know I know, this email is coming in wayyy to late, but I made a promise to myself that every email that is over a couple of sentences (which I hate) shall be answered eventually.
I think we are pretty different people, but at the same time, very similar. The drive to travel is similar, the way that we like to travel, but I think the reasons for traveling may be different. I love seeing new cultures, and seeing grand monuments and all that. I love meeting new people. And I love the newness factor. But all those things that I used to love so much (and now still love but in a more subdued way) are somewhat lessened as I come to terms with the fact that the thing that I love the most about traveling is the freedom that it provides. No job, no cell phone, no girlfriend, no rent, no responsibilities.  I am 26 years old, I have my health and a bank account with money in it. And a whole globe with only 36 little pins in it. With that reasoning, I could travel just as easily within the US, no? Well, yes. I could and I do. I get that same feeling with a full tank of gas, a pocket full of cash, and some free time. That is what I thrive off of right now. The place is less important than the ability to choose what next week holds and not already know.
Sure priorities will change. They already are. I already have very clear visions of the roots that I want to cultivate in the coming years, but all in due course. I rarely get anxious because I find that if I really live in the present (with an eye to the future of course) the everything usually works out for the best.
Anyways, when you decide when you want to go to OYZ, let me know as I have a few contacts there (not too much). Maybe they would be interested in showing you around or at least telling you about some good secrets or hosting you.
Hope this find you well friend.


Lyon Keating:

I totally relate to this feeling of freedom that you express so well.  I don’t know if it’s a man thing, or the wandering minstreal vagabond in us, or the greedy feeling that we want our lives to cater to all our ADHD ever changing needs and be as stimulating as possible at all times, but this feeling can run very deep within.  I personally love the feeling of wandering around with the cell phone turned off (only on for my own greedy benefit of making a call if I need to improve my situation) and maybe a little stoned at times just breathing in the air and venturing forth not really knowing what is going to come my way or where I might lead.  It’s so exciting to just live in this way and know that whatever happens will excite you because it is more on the spontaneous side.  Eventually I figured out I liked to do this sort of thing without worrying about getting robbed or seeing endless amounts of poverty around me and led me to spots in the world where I felt more comfortable.  However, as much as I always felt this would never change within me, it has as you yourself mentioned in your other email to me, and now I view freedom as being able to live how I want to instead of just wandering around so much.  Right now, I love that I own a few things and live alone and have the freedom to live my day seeing others if I want to, take jobs if I want to, write novels, bake, venture forth in what I feel is really one of the greatest cities/areas in the world, among many other things.  Feels weird to say this as I’m leaving in two days for Australia for five weeks, ha!

But anyway, it’s really interesting to encounter other people with such an avid pursuit of freedom and what freedom means to them.  It’s great that you’re quenching all your thirsts and it’s only natural to have them change as you age.  We tend to go through eras in our lives and although it’s rare to realize when you’re actually going through to another era it’s wonderful and very weird to take notice when you are.  Just think about your childhood.  You ran around, played, did things with your friends, burned insects, got into little mischief, hated girls, whatever, and looking back on it it’s silly to think you would ever live like that again.  Well, there will be a time when you look back at your late teens to late twenties or mid twenties to mid thirties or however you categorize it and be amazed at how you lived and either relieved or awed that you would probably never live that way again, just simply because things change.  So keep living it up and get to the point where your needs and yearnings and freedoms gradually lead you to the next era of your life.  Complete freedom can mean having nothing but your health and money but also mean having lovers, cars, houses, dogs, hot tubs (mmmm hot tubs), whatever.

Anything can fulfill that pursuit of happiness…hmmmm, I think I’ve heard that phrase before somewhere;)


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