Response to reclaiming travel

Lyon Keating:

This was an awesome read and hit on all the points that I would express myself.  My personal addition would be that I travel because I know no other.  I shake my leg constantly when I am sitting.  I practically move myself to sleep at night.  Having grown up in a boring suburb (yes, it had it’s perks with being safe and whatnot) I have so many memories of being bored.  Hence why I threw myself so aggressively into sports at a young age.  I never want to be bored again and I actually get bored quite easily.  Usually no matter what it is, I can’t handle it doing it in excess.  I strive for balance.  I feel comfortable when moving and I feel like I am doing something and learning.  Sports is a great outlet because when I can’t move or travel it allows for me to re-direct that feeling somewhat.  I can’t sit still.  I have learned that my life will be all about hop, skips and jumps and this is what brings me meaning and happiness.


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