Pros and Cons of being in China

Naked Gardener:


PROs of being in China:

interesting food

tea houses

chinese massages

tai chi

running in the park

eating with chopsticks

daily ice cream breaks at school (a different interesting flavor everyday)

Pokey (those chocolate covered cracker stick things)

Underground malls (literally… UNDERground!)

dance clubs with glowsticks (never a cover)

personal attendants at bars

nonaggressive dancers

starbucks (I gave in)

CHEAP shopping

the people I’m working with

chinese people

wandering streets

cheap taxis

ping pong

dumplings for breakfast

chinese kids in swimming caps!


CONs of being in China:

the effects of eating interesting food

squat toilets (holes in the ground) and carrying your own toilet paper everywhere


mosquitos in the squat toilets

taxi drivers (and near death experiences)

100% humidity

“club” sandwiches

chinese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

men rubbing their exposed bellies

only knowing 4 words in chinese, even after 2 chinese classes

not being able to read captions to chinese comics in the newspaper

no tampons (ANYwhere)

no salads

hordes of bikers coming close to death

catching a taxi in the rain (yes, it rains too!)

no kickball

early rising to catch our bus

bottomless pants on all the babies (yes, they pee and poop in the street, yes, and some stores!)

not having room in my bags to bring everything home!

its illegal to bring a chinese baby home with you (even if they fit in your carry-on)


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