Manipulating life

Lyon Keating:

So I hear you’re a Mit Romney supporter?  All this flip flopping of what you want to do, what you feel like you should do vs. what is reasonable to do vs. whatever else.  Some people will say, “what the fuck dude go for it.  You’ve come all this way and why would you stop?” And in turn think less of you if you do stop.  That’s annoying.  Some people would say “stop at once.  It’s dangerous.  You don’t have a true purpose for doing this.  What are you trying to prove other than the fact that you can walk around in a non modern archaic society and survive?  Why put up with the ticks, the thirst, the trails?  Come home and be an American and best friends with your ipad and live how the world is living”  That’s clearly annoying.  So where does one go in your shoes?

I won’t say any of the above because clearly it is all annoying to all hear.  I’ve set out at times and had lofty goals and gone down certain paths only to change those goals last minute to something else (actually I’ve done this a lot).  I find pleasure in doing that and it’s nobody’s business but my own as long as I am supporting myself and being smart with things.  I also have gone down paths simply because I felt I wanted to and had to complete them.  I’ve accomplished them and felt ecstatic or felt nothing and then turned and started walking in another direction shortly thereafter and sort of questioned why do I do anything I do.  It’s all a tricky little psychological trick that the world plays on our souls.

Here’s a historical tidbit for you.  One of the main differences between wars fought in certain cultures is that once it is decided that the enemy has penetrated a certain amount and becomes domininant the western powers will surrender and lay down their arms and wave the white flag.  It’s done, it’s over, you have won.  Why waste more lives or ammo or energy?  In fuedal Japan this did not exist.  Wars were fought until the death or until every last man had been captured and/or was incapable of moving to battle the enemy.  Surrender?  It didn’t exist.  Why would you not finish what you set out to do?  Of course a lot of this has to do with the Japaese buddhist belief and dying with honor and reincarnating to another, better, more pure existence but ya know like I said it’s just a historical tidbit.

True enlightenment lies within and you trying to make sense out of what you didn’t know before.  You know what you need to do.  Go and do and listen to your gut, heart, mind, toes, armpits, and left testicle.  They all will have very valuable things to say.  If you’re on trail and you say, “enough!” and simply turn back around then that is amazingly cool and spontaneous and a story in itself.  If you make it to Patagonia then congrats on seeing through to the traditional, originally planned end of this particular story.

Have fun and enjoy the fact that you are doing something that is real to yourself and has substance.  There’s ups and downs and sideways and diagonal movements and Will Ferrel cannonballs in whatever you do.  They are meant to be experienced.  The phrase life is short comes to mind.

Oh god, you didn’t think I was going to end my email with “life is short.”  I hate that fucking saying (well I actually believe in it but just think WAY too many people spout it about).  Yeah whatever life is short and yada yada yada.  I get it, do what you want to do and have no regrets.  However, regrets arn’t the point and hindsight is not the point.  You can’t make judgments at a later date based on things you didn’t know at the time you were doing them.  That’s just totes ridic!!  You do things because you feel you should do them and life is INCREDIBLY LONG!  You have time to ride a horse through the world, you have time to write books, you have time to do jobs, you have time to have kids, you have time to go anywhere you want to go and do anything you want to do.  Keep manipulating the world how you want and let it work for you!  And keep being the opportunist that Mit Romney is being criticized for there buddy.  What else is there to do cause I’m open for suggestions?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Enjoy the substance

P.S. Don’t worry, I’m not voting for Mit Romney


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