Changes of perspective in the grand journey

Buzz Lightyear:

As is often the case, one comes home from a long voyage a different person with stories upon stories to tell whereas for the people that remain at home, life is a slow evolution with little radical change. I almost feels like my two months back in the US have been my vacation from life here. It is like I have left and returned home a changed man.

When I left Mexico, I felt both regret and excitement. Regret that my main objective was not accomplished and excitement of all the wonderful things that awaited me before I plunged back into the horse world.

I had told myself before that I would not return from my horse trip for any reason whatsoever. No marriage, no crisis, no nothing. But sometime around last December, I was having breakfast with my friends and they popped the question. They wanted me to marry them. At first I was a bit shocked. I mean, I know we are liberal out in California, but I didn’t know that a three way marriage was officially recognized. As it turns out, it’s not. But they wanted me to officiate their wedding, and that put me in a quandary. They knew about my resolution to not come back, yet they thought that as their wedding would be more intimate and low-key, I would be right for the job. To answer your question, no, we were not drunk.

Honestly, I did hesitate. I am obstinate sometimes, which is the reason I am riding through Central America and not taking an easier route like Chile and Argentina. But within a couple seconds, my answer was a strong yes. I felt proud and honored to be chosen to administer such an important day in their lives. And so my plans changed.

And so, here I am back in Mexico, where life goes on as always. I’m settling back into the slow rhythm of life yet concentrated on my goals. There is no return ticket and no timetable. Though I expect huge challenges and obstacles (I’m already encountering them), I keep my courage and my faith strong. With confidence and determination I move forward. Where I finish is inconsequential because success, in whatever form it takes, is inevitable. The ride is the prize.


Lyon Keating:

I like your idea of how you can notice the changing phases of life we go through.  It’s true we dramatically look back and see how one realm of life was completely different from another and are wowzed (yes i just made up that word on the spot, never used before!!!!)!!!!!  However, I tend to notice too the striking similarities of how I acted when I was a child and how it’s the same as I act now.  Not that I haven’t matured in some way but I’ve just matured into what I was more boldly along the way as my confidence levels have risen and dived but ultimately risen and allowed me to just go with whatever it was and whatever I was doing.  I think a lot of people become unhappy when they feel that they are maturing towards a certain level that is expected and accepted and that they must do.  Why put all that freakin pressure on yourself and as long as you’re not sucking dick for heroine or purposely being a duetschcock to totally innocent people then you got it going on!!!

Keep that burner on hot home skillet:)…I’ll see you at some point along the way…


Buzz Lightyear:

It funny that you wrote what you did because my dad always says the same thing. He sees the similarities between the six year old me and the now me. On my part, i guess i can see that, but i cant help but see my life in different shifts. I guess not so much who i am, but what I’m doing. Like in different stages of my life I’ve been for doing certain kind of things and then it’s time for a change. I don’t know.

As far as the cause for unhappiness, I think anyone that gives only one answer to that one will inherently have only part of the reasoning. Unhappiness is caused by some many things. Being put into a box is one, but then again, ignorance is bliss. Many people don’t know that society has put them in a box and carried them through the factory line. And they live in ignorant hapiness. Others, not so much. Budha was not so wrong when he said that suffering is caused by desire. Wanting what you don’t have. Once again, that can be the cause of much growth in the world. Job creation and big cities and innovation and advancements in health and science. But, inherently, that desire will cause unhappiness. I don’t know, another view.


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