Samantha’s tasticles

– 1 pack of normal oreos ( you can try a flavored kind, but not double stuffed)

– 1 normal size cardboard package of cream cheese (not reduced fat)

– 1-2 bags of chocolate chips for coating (dark, milk, white – whatever you want)

– toothpicks

– wax paper


-put oreos in a bag and crush

-mix together with cream cheese (that’s been brought to room temperature so that it’s softer – but don’t heat in microwave)

-form into balls (will be messy)

-place them on plates or a cake pan to put into the freezer to cool down

-pour chocolate chips in a bowl/mug – better to be tall rather than a wide bowl – to maximize the depth of the melted chocolate.  Put into the microwave and heat for 30s at a time until shiny – then stir together and melt a little more if necessary (short bursts so that they don’t burn)

-when oreo balls are cool and chocolate is ready, put toothpicks in and dip the bottom half into the chocolate or vanilla (they may fall off the oreo balls if they aren’t cool enough).

-place on wax paper to harden, and then put back into freezer to cool


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