Keating thanksgiving feast


Buy Priscella cut sweet potatoes in purple can

Drain most of the juice, put two in at a time

Put Butter on yams in little clumps

Drizzle syrup on top

half hour at 350




turn on stove top to low and scrap bottom of turkey pan so it is loose, take out undesirable chunky shit and extra grease in corners

put half a cup of flour and water in a bowl (water to flour), make it so it’s non lumpy

add thickener (flour and water) slowly, and spoon out the lumpiness (repeat this step until gravy looks like gravy


For ten people, 2 pkgs (bags) frozen, chopped broccoli

cook broccoli in pan of 2 inches full of water, boil it at med heat until soft/done

drain it, then on low heat in pan put three tbs. of butter and melt it, add tablespoon of flour and stir constantly making a paste, add cup of milk (keep stirring) and milk should make it thicker like a sauce (this is done on med heat)

–do not make milk turn brown and scour, take it off the stove before this

Grade a block (half) of chedder cheese, use half a block of cream cheese (throw       Chunks into sauce above

Turn on stove again to low heat, get it all mixed and thick and then throw in broccoli

Put in baking dish, make it smooth, put smashed ritz crackers on top, bake at

350 for half hour



Put eggs in pan in water and then bring to a boil, just simmer for about twenty minutes seeing bubbles come up

pour hot water out, put eggs cold water and sit for two hours

peel egg and be sure the egg is cold

cut egg in half, scoop out yolk and put in bowl

per six eggs tablespoon of mayo, teaspoon of mustard, shake of salt

keep adding little mayo so it turns creamy, then put back in egg halves and then in fridge



Need turkey pins and pan, meat thermometer to stick in between thigh and chest (don’t jam it in), 350 degrees for Turkey on bottom shelf, buy seasoned stuffing, take giblets out of turkey before stuffing, stuff turkey right before putting into oven

need a cup of water, cube of marg, and chop up 1 to 2 onions, 5-7 celeries.  Put all in frying pan

don’t want soggy stuffing so add above slowly to crouton stuffings

stuff turkey with stuffing at both ends, when turkey comes out take stuffing out immediately and let Turkey sit for half hour


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