Ugly jabs, personal shots, stubborness, reactionary tones and yet we persevered

Lyon Keating:

Well well well.  I don’t know what was up your ass tonight but way to be a bitchy asshole to your friend.

I know you might not agree with the unexpected, non-traditional road I’ve taken and the non-traditional road to make money I’ve decided to implement in my life.  To each his own in his opinions and you don’t have to agree with how I make money, however, I’m not hurting anybody and/or myself and why be so judgmental in regards to you not wanting to care or talk about whatever it is I’m involving myself in in my life.  You say I’m stealing money from someone and I say I’ve found an innovative way to make money by still living where I live and treating the place I live with decency and respect.  Who are landlords and the people in power to define the terms and conditions that we all must follow and abide by?  And if they really wanted to they could kick me out, but I’m a good tenant and take extraordinary good care of the places I live and really am probably an ideal tenant for someone to rent to.  You can say people like me are fucking up the rental market and if everybody did what I did then it would bring about negative chaos.  However, nobody knows what would happen if everybody did what I did.  Maybe it would even out and people would stop doing it or it would force hotels to charge lower prices or whatever.  You really can’t predict with any accuracy if a good or bad thing would come of this.  Plus, isn’t airbandb saving people money from crazy hotels charging way too much?  Who gives them the right to charge that much?  Does not airbandb allow for people to make a buck too on providing a service in a time when it is much harder to earn a buck?  Since when were providing services and the natural supply and demand of things considered taboo to involve yourself in?  If we only did and participated in things that fell in line within all the rules and regulations that ever were created then we’d never come up with anything new.

So does providing beer to people fall into a line of work that is so pure and just?  Oh yeah because you get benefits and is therefore a real job.  What if everybody did it?  Would everyone just get drunk way more and have more alcohol in their lives?  Last I heard too much alcohol in peoples lives leads to very bad things.  The grand point here is that I don’t give a shit what you do as long as you’re not harming yourself and/or putting people in a position where they don’t have a choice to make their own decisions.  People will choose to use alcohol in any way they want.  They also have a choice to use airbandb or not.  I don’t hold it against you how you make money or improve your life so I’m asking you not to hold it against me.  Stop dictating what you think is best for people and holding it against them if they don’t agree with you.  If you don’t agree with something don’t do it in your life.  Don’t stay at an airbandb, don’t drink alcohol, etc.

So where does the real animosity come from that you’re holding against me for doing what I’m doing?  I can’t fathom that’s it’s solely because I do airbandb.  Are you holding resentment towards me for any reason?  The fact that I haven’t had (in your eyes) a real job and still been successful in my life?  The fact that maybe some of your decisions haven’t been what you really wanted to do in your life but what you felt you had to do and it has sucked big time at times and therefore it’s only feasible that people have to go through the same process and ills as you have in order to really be responsible and truly successful?  The fact that shit might be not going well in your relationship or your recent move in and you’re taking it out on your friends and bitter in general?  What’s up dude?  I’m your friend man and you can talk to me about stuff and please do if your going through shit and/or just need somebody to talk to but please don’t make me feel bad about what I’m doing.

And if you truly are just un-approving that I’m doing airbandb and that I’m stealing money in your eyes and I’m ruining the lives of everyone then get off your high horse and fuck you because that’s not what I’m doing.  So what, you can’t talk to me about my life and my job and whatever I’m doing?  Unfortunately that’s a pretty big detail of my life and I’m not going to apologize or made to feel bad about having a job Mr. Lady Boy doesn’t approve of.  I don’t want that negative shitty energy directed at me and I don’t want to deal with arrogant assholes that feel what they’re doing is better than what others are doing.  You either accept me as a person for what I am and what I’m doing or you don’t.  Are you really going to stop asking about my life and/or care about what I’m doing because you don’t agree?  Well, you get what you dish out brother and if that’s the case then don’t think I’m going to return any favorable feelings towards you and/or want to care/talk about what you’re doing either.


Lady Boy:

I was curious if I would find an email like this when I returned from my run last night. And in true Lyon fashion, there it was.

You’re right, I don’t have any right to judge you for what you’re doing out there. That’s why I didn’t want to talk about it and therefore chose my words poorly and came across as quite the asshole. But you asked. Do whatever you want Lyon, it’s your life. If you’re proud of what your doing and think you’re making a productive use of your time and I just don’t get it, then what the fuck do you care what I think?

I don’t care what you think of my line of work. I’m aware that all I do is sell beer, and it’s social impact is probably more negative than positive. But I didn’t ask you what you think because I’m proud of what I do and I worked my ass of to get where I am today and I don’t need anyone to validate what I’m doing. I’m great at this job. In the past three years I’ve held three different positions, each better than the last with the two most recent employers seeking me out to offer me the job. I can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for my career and what I’ll be doing in 20 years. I’m hoping that I will have learned enough to start my own business and run it successfully.

So continue with your alternative lifestyle, ignore all the haters and keep your fingers crossed that when the house of cards that is AirBnB collapses, the angry landlords take legal action against the website and the IRS never learns of your hustle.  Oh and please don’t call my relationship into question. Of course I would talk to you if I needed to vent, but calling it out like that is petty and beneath you.


Lyon Keating:

Ah Lady Boy you know me well and how I could not express myself to a friend who claimed that he didn’t care what I was doing or up to and didn’t want to talk about it?  Doesn’t really come across as something that good friends say to each other.  And if you didn’t and weren’t going to judge me about my life why would you rather not talk about it?  Is it because you would be judgmental?  Isn’t that coming across as being passively judgmental and in essence pretty much the same thing as if you were directly judgmental to me?

Of course I care what you think.  You’re one of my best buds and even if I don’t care what you think at times there’s no excuses for mocking me and talking down to me and just being overall an arrogant asshole for what direction I’ve decided to go in with my life.  I don’t know what type of reaction, or non reaction, you were expecting if you’re going to be like this with people, let along your better friends.

And the note on your relationship.  I like you, I like your girlfriend, I like you guys together and have been one of the biggest proponents in the past about you guys towards people who might not have been so.  Lo and beyond, though, I know you too, and I know that when Lady Boy is edgy or being an ass it is usually because of something not going well with the girlfriend or because of something that is shitty at his job.  Your job seems like it’s going very well for you right now so I figured it wasn’t that so I was guessing it might have been something with the girlfriend.  You’ve been sort of short and somewhat stressed sounding and not talking too freely on the phone the last two times I’ve talked to you when you’ve been home with Chelsey and I couldn’t help but think maybe something was not going well.  I was really just trying to find a reason for why you were being so moody and dickish to me.

I guess I failed to communicate my point about your job or you completely missed the point I was making in my last email.  I was coming at you as if I wasn’t approving of your job because all you do is sell beer and supply more alcohol to people and how that is similar to you saying to me that all I’m doing is being a slacker, stealing, and doing something shady, and not working a real job, and not paying taxes or whatever.  To rephrase my last email, I don’t give a shit what you do to make money.  I’m happy for you and I’m happy you’ve found a good job that you like that makes you feel fulfilled.  Way to go dude!  I don’t judge you.  If I didn’t agree with your job I wouldn’t render your services or support you in the natural supply and demand of the market.  People have their choices and they’re free to make them.  What I wouldn’t do is think I’m better than you and let you know about it, call you out and say how shady you’re being and how alcohol is bad blah blah blah and any of that bullshit.

And just for technicality sake since you apparently don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about regarding airbandb I do pay taxes to the IRS and all my taxes are filed and up to date.  I get taxed on all my profits and money in the same similar way as a private contractor or anyone else running their own business does so eat a dick on that one.  I’m not being shady to my landlord in any way that is different from anyone else who signs a lease and goes out and finds a roommate on craigslist or sublets to friends or finds whatever other way to make money on their original rent.  Are you on the lease you’re your girlfriend now?  I bet not and you and everyone else who lives somewhere and is not on the lease but paying rent is in fact stealing by your standards.  As long as people pay the appropriate amount of rent on time to the appropriate person then nothing illegal or against the law is being done and I can’t be sued.  All that can be directed at me is that I’m asked to leave if the landlord finds out that someone is living at the property who is not on the lease, and this has nothing to do with my security deposit either.  There is no mystery that airbandb is operating as an innovative, new company to anyone or what they offer to people as competition to hotels.  They are a public site and send people mail and have billboards and yes the house of cards might fall one day but it will be because of bad management just like any other company can fail not because they are doing anything illegal.

So in the end it seems like we are really striving forth to do things that are one in the same.  You’ve done it in a more traditional sense through a company you work for and climbed up the ladder and look forward to gaining certain skills that will open up doors for you in the future.  I’ve done it more loosely connected through a job but ultimately on my own time as I’ve done other things like try to be a teacher when there are absolutely no jobs and little pay involved.  I’ve had to figure out other ways to get paid in order to not go into atrocious debt or move in with my grandparents or whatever.  I’ve worked my ass off as you have as well to get a good reputation and provide a service that is in demand to people who want it and now I’m going and rolling with it because the incentive is high and it’s very successful for me while the jobs I’m trying to pursue in the traditional sector have nothing to offer me in what I want to do and the payout is hard to live on.  I’m in essence running my own business and learning enormous amounts just like you hope to aspire to do pertaining to organization, customer service, money management, time management, networking, supply and demand, behavior associated with money and how people will and want to spend it, providing a good product, being a businessman who runs his own business and controls his future, etc, all real practical things that truly motivate me and are interesting.  It’s truly amazing and feels right and I look forward to applying what I’m learning now to future other jobs as well (yes, even if they don’t pay benefits).

So please don’t approach me with an attitude that makes me feel like I’m beneath you or doing something shady or that you work harder than me because your simply vastly mistaken in all these things if you really cared and/or looked into what I really do.  If you continue to think that you are above all of this or you’re better and don’t respect what I do or give me any credit then that would be a shitty way to head towards the future with our relationship.  Why be a dick about it ya know?


Lady Boy:

You’re right about pretty much everything in that email. I’m not on the lease here at Chelsea’s apartment, and therefore stealing from the landlord. I didn’t know you were upstanding enough to pay your taxes on your AirBnB profits, so way to go there. I shouldn’t look down on a friend for what you’re doing and I’m sorry for doing so. Keep it up bud, looks like I was wrong about everything. You’ve covered your bases and know exactly what you need to do to make money off of something that doesn’t belong to you. Great.

If you want me to open up about the way I feel at the risk of continuing what I see as a pointless argument (since neither of us will ever really change the other’s opinion) here it is. You moved out there to go school and get your Master’s Degree, something I know first hand from watching my mother will make you more competitive in the education field and is guaranteed to earn you more money in the long run. Instead you dropped out after a month without giving the program a fair chance because you feel it’s a waste of your time. Now you’re taking an easy way out by renting apartments. Which c’mon, is it really that hard, or more just time consuming? I’ll put my money on the latter, especially without a day job to get in the way of cleaning, laundry and whatever else it takes to make an apartment hospitable to guests. I hope those other jobs your going for work out for you, they sound genuinely interesting. Prison work, as scary as it might sound, would be thrilling to me. Having a first hand look at how prison society works is a chance very few of us get. Not to glamorize prison or anything. So good luck.

And as for sounding stressed the two times we’ve spoken on the phone, that’s more bad timing than anything. The first time we talked, I was in OC with my girlfriend and we were going somewhere with my family. Maybe the game, I can’t remember exactly. Either way we were walking and talking and, like, three other people were talking to me and as much as I love them, my family stresses me out simply with their presence. Except for my dad, that guy’s a chiller for sure. Last time we spoke, I was trying to get out of the house to go for my run and we got into that stupid argument about what a full-time job is. By the way, I don’t think benefits are what really defines a “full-time job.” I define that as being hired by an employer to come on board and work for them full-time. I don’t even have benefits right now.

So there. I’m sure you’ll have some exhaustingly long email in response to continue this argument until you feel you’ve made your point. How long that’ll take? I have know idea. We’ve never really butt-heads like this, so I don’t know where this will go. But I do know you like to best everyone at everything so I’m sure you’ll keep saying the same things over and over again like you always do.


Lyon Keating:

Yeah know I was in a heated conversation with someone the other day about the difference between Californians (specifically SF people) and Philadelphians.  The dude was telling me that people in Philly have more morals and a pure way of life because they were founded by positive ideals put forth by Quakers with good intentions while people in CA were founded by a desire to get rich like a bunch of ‘gold rush hounds’ (his exact words).  I couldn’t help but mention the fact that William Penn (founder of PA) was given a bunch of land by an English Duke (which would later become PA and Delaware) to rule over.  Was this his land?  Weren’t there Native Americans on it before him?  Is it okay to put forth your own positive ideals for a people you only declare worthy of living on this land at the expense of everyone else?  William Penn reached immeasurable wealth, power, prestige by ruling over this land and it wasn’t even his (William Penn…just a massive airbandber for his day).  In fact that’s basically the whole story of America in a nutshell; taking land and what wasn’t really theirs and making money off it.  I told the guy that I didn’t think this was wrong or right but in the end we’re all gold rush hounds…..we then took a shot and toasted hounds:)

Anyway, thanks dude for writing what you did.  I’ve always thought a measure of a man is in the fact that he has the ability to swallow his pride and re-evaluate his sayings, feelings, emotions, etc. to reflect what in essence is more right than what was mentioned before.  Anyone can stick to their guns and blah blah blah all they want and be stubborn about it in fear of being wrong but that’s dumb and only leads to bad things.  You are a man among men for re-evaluating your stance upon further examination and saying you were sorry.

Thanks also for the concern regarding my decision I’ve just made.  You’re mom made a wise decision in her time and yes it panned out for her and probably has for so many other people who got their MA.  However, that was a different place and time than now and I wish I lived in an era where it were easier to get teaching jobs.  Just isn’t so now and I can’t pull myself to go further with this without some direct incentives lined up that don’t solely rely on the fact that ‘maybe’ this will help me out in the future.  I’ve already put an enormous amount of time and energy into teaching.  I’ve subbed for five years and three times have had contracted jobs of 3, 5, and 6 months where I was a real teacher (yes, with benefits and all!) and all three of those times the position got closed or the maternity leave ended and I was told, well we just don’t to pay you benefits and just wait around it’s bound to get better and you’ll get hired somewhere.  If anything, the opposite has happened and how am I suppose to keep going forth believing bullshit about the positive possibilities of going forth with education from people when it just simply doesn’t happen?  An analogy I can think of is this, you’re in a relationship with someone and they keep saying they’ll change.  You keep giving them the benefit of the doubt but they really never do.  Do you break up with them or keep giving them a chance?  I’ve given teaching many chances and I need to divorce myself from it in the traditional sense and see what else I can do besides just teach in classrooms to kids, or else I’ll turn into an extremely bitter person and not make any money.  So, let’s see what happens, eh…

Also, I moved out here for three reasons.  School, Samantha, and to get out of SF and get a different perspective.  Two of the three things are still going absolutely well.

And even though you might not believe me because you didn’t the first time, setting up what I’ve set up with airbandb has been an excruciating, time consuming, and expensive process.  I got here on Aug. 13th and from that time till now (which hasn’t even been 2 months I’ll remind you…and not to go into too much detail about the shit process that is involved in transitioning such as getting new health insurance, driver’s licenses, registering vehicles, getting a scooter, registering for school, organizing books, classes, emails, loans, and on and on…. ) I’ve gotten two apartments, furnished and put them together and now have basically a full schedule booked for both places and have set up a system where I’ll earn at least as much money as I ever did being a substitute or full time teacher in SF.  Why would I work more hours to make less money?  Would you have done that?  If so, then all power to people who want to work jobs for longer hours for less money.  Why wouldn’t I do airbandb?  It seemed pretty obvious for me.

You’re absolutely right.  After the crazy almost two months I’ve had where every day was like a ten hour workday of running around figuring all sorts of shit out, last Thursday (a week ago today) I finally got to the point where I’m basically done and can now let it ride and let airbandb work for me.  After the initial setup, it’s not time consuming at all and I’m earning a lot of money.  How is that bad?  Don’t tell me that if you had the choice to work less hours for more money you wouldn’t do it.  Plus it’s super fun and I’m learning a lot of practical shit to in essence run my own business.  My plan is now to hit the streets and implement all sorts of strategies at figuring out how I can get a decent teaching day job to go along with my easy money airbandb gig.  I have a plan dude, I’ll be doing something and working hard to better my life and what I ultimately want to bring to the world.  It didn’t include school.  I’ve dropped out of school three times now and I suppose I should have known that school wasn’t really where my interests lie.  I WANT to teach.  I want to have a day job.  I just got to go forth and figure out now how the best way to do that and I’m ever so glad I won’t have to worry too much about money with my airbandb setup and all.

Well anyway, that’s what’s up and maybe we just needed to go through this whole process in order for you to understand and not hold it against me and think that I’m just being a dirty hippy and mooching big time off society or something of the sort.  And I can’t help that I’m a bester man.  It’s in my jocko personality and ultimately I really don’t go forth in things that I have to be a complete bester because I feel it’s bad for the soul, for example why I quite super competitive sports.  A little besting is good for everyone, though.  You’d know a thing or two about it too if you could make three foot puts;)


Lady Boy:

Lyon, you are an ass. I hope you know that.


Lyon Keating:

At least I’m an ass who has never told/judged his friends that he doesn’t care about what they do and/or don’t want to talk about it

That isn’t something I let go of easily and you might hear about this every now and then as that wasn’t the smartest thing you’ve ever said…

I love your musk


Lady Boy:

Yeah I’m sure you’re free of judging those around and making poor choices with your words. Keep it up shorty.


Lyon Keating:

I most certainly am.  That basically seriously stopped with my adolescence at 19 or 20 there tally and hairlessly…


Lady Boy:

You do understand that your tone has been one of superiority right? Acting like you’re better for not making the mistake of poor judgment and still driving the point home after accepting my apology. You’re just as bad as I am I hope you realize.


Lyon Keating:

Nope, just making you feel like a bad person for a second…an apology is supreme in the end but to give you shit about it is a subtle reminder of that apology:):):)


Lady Boy:

Well, you’re officially a jerk


Lyon Keating:

Don’t try to play the fact that you were a jerk off on me…I think you also misinterpreted that long email I sent to you after you apologized as sarcastic and making fun of you.  It wasn’t and I truly was speaking from the heart and thanking and admiring you for saying what you did….Way to think I was being an ass ass!  You must have ass on the mind.

You’re an ass, no you’re an ass, no you’re an ass…this sounds like a conversation that should be on the disc golf course but we all know that you were the superior ass in this conversation and I’m going to give you shit about it from time to time because really this whole thing should have never happened in the first place…


Lady Boy:

Ok then have it with yourself, I’m no longer interested in continuing this dialogue


Lyon Keating:

Sorry, but if you’re going to dish out being a dick then you got to be prepared to expect to be treated like one and/or made fun for it a little bit…just a little fyi


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