The virtues of those we knew…Grandpa Bernard

Mother Hubbard:

Since I wrote about Grandma Frances on her birthday in February, I felt I needed to talk about my dad too on his special day that we always celebrated with angel food cake and strawberries! Grandpa was not a huge dessert person, but he never said no to angel food cake on his birthday and grandma’s apple pie in the summer. And he so enjoyed them both!

I have to say that as a little girl I remember my dad always stern, with very high expectations of behavior from all of us, but as he aged and mellowed a bit, he did learn to “roll with the punches” now and again with all the precocious grandchildren that kept popping up!!  He got a kick out of all of you…especially when you were babies…oh, how he loved babies, and was so very proud of all you accomplished as you went through school. He always smiled from ear to ear whenever I told him what you did, whether it was a good grade on your report card, an award from a teacher, a lead in the play, a silly joke told, a picture drawn, a 3 run homer…a super catch, a hard slam serve in volleyball or a special piano piece learned! He would grin from ear to ear!

I learned many things from my dad growing up…..not so much with words because he didn’t teach with words….but rather just by his daily living.  I learned about strength and perseverance, especially with work or life challenges every day. It must have been so very difficult to leave Nebraska when Grandma was sick when Bernie was born, and he was out of work for awhile. He had to be very grounded. I also learned about the benefits of being stubborn…the good benefits….in regard to raising a family and passing along values. And I learned about being simple and enjoying simple things, for Grandpa was not a big spender. But his primary focus was always family and church….they kinda went together in his day.  His deep, deep love for God and his family…every single one of us….surpassed anything else, and we could always feel that love in his hugs and smiles when he greeted us!

So every once in awhile, when you think about Grandpa Bernard, remember this endless love he had for you! Let it surround you….it is still there.
You are the luckiest of grandkids!


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