The virtues of those we knew…Grandma Frances

Mother Hubbard:

I am thinking of my mom today on her birthday! All those wonderful February days of bdays….Grandpa Jack’s first, followed by Grandma Frances’s…..all that wonderful cake and ice cream! Those were the days!
Oh, how Grandma loved ice cream! Any kind really, but mostly marble fudge.
She also loved cakes and pies…and baking them weekly, and pastries of any kind and donuts, and hershey bars. Hmmmmmm….maybe my love of those things is in my genes!

But her greatest love was her children….she was always there for us! This is what I remember most of all. No matter what struggles were happening in her life…and there were plenty… she always put the four of us first. As I look back, I still don’t know how she was so present to each of us….always knowing what we needed at the end of our day. We were her special “lovies” I guess.

Today, as I reflect on Grandma, I see a woman of immense courage…especially when she was so ill for a year after Bernie’s birth…..and also a woman of great trust and faith….who just knew things would somehow work out even when things seemed hopeless.  But I especially see a woman so full of love for her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids that she couldn’t contain herself when one of us came near! I think we all remember that…..and we smile remembering that! We all knew she cared.
May her genes be with us forever!

I know she is still watching over all of us with that same love! May you feel her love today…..


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