Stay at home parenting vs good child care

Lyon Keating:

It’s interesting that most kids and adolescents go through this process of extreme self-consciousness at some point before they are adults.  Is it purely genetic, purely social, or what?  I was having a conversation the other day with someone about the always believed to be benefits of children who have stay at home parents to help them grow and mature.  There are many obvious reasons why this would be a very traditional and good way to raise kids.  Generations of generations of kids have been raised this way.  You have time to love them, to take care of them, give them attention, do whatever they need, dedicate all your resources to them, etc. etc. etc.  However, it is now becoming a somewhat more popular trend to send your kids to day care at an extremely early age.  If you can afford good care, this is blossoming into the mindsets of people to how to modernly raise your child.  You supply them with countless more stimulation, countless more opportunities to interact, countless more situations to react, learn, communicate, change whatever your thinking and doing and base it off all the other people you are coming into contact with.  Would people believe in this style of raising children as one in which kids would become less self-conscious and annoyed at other kids and more open and able to relate due to merely contacting with more people at an early age?  If kids from the get go, started to interact with so many others would that improve things for them when it comes to many of the nervous, anxiety, OCD issues that are so common among people or will those things happen regardless?  Are people that have these things in extreme ways, more likely to have them within their personality because they were raised and exposed by only one or two people rather than many different systems and ways of being and feeling?  The good and bad traits of our parents will inevitably rub off on their kids because that is all the kid sees and learns from.  Unless the parents are extraordinarily well-balanced and virtuous people then you’d have to think the kid would fare better among other perspectives whether they are other kids or adults.  You always learn more being exposed to more and different things rather than less and more of the same.  When in our lives do we start to shun and shut off other ways of doing things and become nervous about it because we have gotten used to, and our brains have been wired for doing it a certain way?  It’s likely to happen earlier rather than later.


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