Scorpio battle

Lyon Keating:

Ah the world is a funny place when two scorpios talk about control.  I think interesting interactions happen between us compared to how we interact with most of our friends because of both our scorpio abilities to avidly try to control situations, find solutions, while trying not to become too sensitive to thinking that other people are telling us what to do.  Speaking about “our awkward time” yes I guess that is what I am referring to our uncomfortable emails we sent back and forth to each other while I was in China as.  Funny, how we’ve never really talked too much about it but I think we both came to a point where it just didn’t matter anymore.  As the bestest of friends and not being afraid to say anything to each other we were both coming from a point of caring communication but given our sensitivity to having people in our life trying to tell us what to do or how to live it became something completely different.  You’re strong willed and so am I and we both have things we feel people NEED to know and there are countless examples of both of us exerting our influence justly but unfortunately unjustly (even if we don’t mean to) at times over others.  It would be pointless to go into specifics at the moment, but the point being, that sometimes people just don’t care or want to know what we think they NEED to know.  However, this will probably always happen to a certain extent given who we are and how we like to communicate but it is important to at least know the possibility that are actions have on others.  Among other things that come down to different communication styles, I know within myself it has been giving up this element of control that has surrounded my life forever.  Removing judgment from my life and expectations about how I or others should live has really led me to be more relaxed, more accepting of things, and generally happier when it comes to almost everything.  I’m happy you’ve seen that take place in me and I’m happy to state that I’ve seen that take place in you as well.  Getting older is grand isn’t it?


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