Relationship strife

Bum Chocolate:

How are things going with the girlfriend?  I mean, its just kind of a shitty situation.  But don’t call yourself an unripe piece of fruit — -you are just figuring out your shit still; we all are.  No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, especially when it comes to relationships.  I mean, fuck.  Who knows what any of us are doing, and so its like, okay as individuals, we are just trying to like, be happy and feel good about our lives.  Then things get even more complicated when you try and make this completely chaotic life work with another individual.  Shit.  I mean, I think its like, a bi-product of our generation.  We’re not following the traditional American dream like most other generations, and so its like, yay, have all this freedom to see the world and be independent and do what we want to do.  But we still want, and need love in our lives, just like the other generations.  They just settled down right away and got married and had kids and a house and the whole nine.  Their lives weren’t full of any less bullshit of ours (I mean, just look at what our parents went through, I know it was full of a lot of good, but had to withstand a lot of bullshit as well).  I’m sorry, I don’t know where this crazy tangent came from, I guess I myself have a LOT on my mind when its comes to the topic of relationships, but it just made me sad when I read that you think there is something wrong with you.   Lyon, there is something wrong with all of us.  I mean, I think that you have had a tendency to put your own needs in front of your girlfriends. And there is nothing wrong with that, you are young, and it is your life, and you should do what you want to do.  However, that being said, having the mentality of “I’m going to do what is good for me” is not conducive to being in a relationship.  It’s just not fair to the other person.  I mean, I don’t think its fair for anyone to be like “do this or we’re done”.  You’re already living your life how you want and you are trying to make it work.  All you can do is try and if it’s constantly problematic then that speaks for itself as well.


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