G chatting our problems away (or really bringing them more towards us)

Crazy Cat: did you get my email?

Drama Dog: yes

Crazy Cat: k. it disappeared from my computer some how…u wanna talk

Drama Dog: u wanna stop being irrational and judgmental

Crazy Cat: im not gonna start this name calling game with you. talk to me when you are ready

Crazy Dog: im pissed and i dont think we will see eye to eye right now. i think there were 5 million OTHER WAYS to handle getting the message to me that you wanted

Crazy Cat: sorry you feel that way. that was the only way i could say what i felt like i needed to say. i figured you would be upset but i don’t want to lie to you for pretend nothing bothers me.

Drama Dog: well it feels like everything i do bothers you

Crazy Cat: you know that’s not true. im trying to be open and honest. i don’t know what else you want from me

Drama Dog: i want you to NOT FREAK OUT when ever i do anything!!!!!

Crazy Cat:  your expectations for me are too high and every fight we have is because im doing something YOU dont like. even tho 99percent of the time it doesnt really involve you.

Drama Dog:  besides the show WHEN have i bailed on ANYTHIGN? and still that nite we came to get you to make sure you were supported in a time of pain- and then you asked us to take you to pickup a boatload of drugs…!!!!!

Drama Dog: i dont know what else i can do to convince you that i love you and i care for u. im just trying to live my life and would like to not be judged about it. i dont judge you

Crazy Cat: i dont’ know what you want me to say.

Crazy Cat: you have read into things and gotten ideas in your head that i am mad that you “bail” on things or think that i don’t know how much you love me and how much you are there for me. it’s not like that.

Crazy Cat: i don’t want to fight. you are angry, i am sorry i can’t do anything to fix that. like i said talk to me when you are ready.

Drama Dog: if your not mad then WTF did u storm out and go talk shit to my roommates and not answer my phone calls?


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