An attempt at consoling

Lyon Keating:

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately since hearing your news.  Everyone must be writing you and saying the same thing and that must be burdensome in itself.  I’m sorry if I’m just yet another person to write you when something bad happens in your life and believe me I don’t mean to offend or intrude in this emotional moment.  Please don’t worry about getting back to me or doing anything that takes away from doing what you need to do.  I only wish you the best of luck and a part of me truly yearns for you at this moment.

Think of all the happiness you bring the world and how you were so lucky to have met this person who personified such a healthy combination of energy in just the right amount of doses for you.  What about all the good times you shared and the wonderful experiences you had and the happenings of such a magical relationship that most people don’t get to experience?  In a sense you’re so lucky to have gone through what you have in the special love that existed between the two of you.  I didn’t know him but I know you and I know what type of energy you bring to the world and that he must have been a positive extension of you.

Last year a man jumped off the roof of my apartment four stories up and almost landed on me while I was crossing the street as he committed suicide.  Your situation is 100% different but similar in the sense of trauma.  You’re situation is traumatic and it will change your life.  A lot of time when people go through extreme situations like these they need to think of things that might possibly justify the situation, life itself, time in general.  Everything sounds like bullshit and a load of crap and then suddenly one day something inside you changes and you start to feel fortunate even in the worst of times.  This is you.  You’ve had the joy of having this person in your life and now it is unfortunate and hard to deal with the exact opposite negative low of now not having him but I still feel you’re lucky to have experienced.

You will survive, you will never be the same, and you will find your way through this eventually.  Bad luck and being in the wrong place at the wrong time reigns supreme everywhere and we only pray to the gods of rohnert park (Waldo Rohnert and his seed farm demigods) that it doesn’t happen to us.  We are powerless and not in control in so many ways that seem really unfair.  You are fortunate to be you because I know you and can attest to that and it’s freaking awesome!!!!  Thank you for being in my life and you really pop up in my head more than you know:):):)

Take care and love you


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