Alcoholic friendships built to last the high

Lyon Keating:

I heard you want a cheese horn.  A cheese horn real bad.  Like you want to suck on my toes?  Well, my cheese horn is my cheese horn and really stop asking about it.  I’m going to kick your ass!

Mr. Kilmer, this is the type of conversation that would be going on at the bar.  Not to say that good people don’t hang out in there but that place sucks.  Anyway, I casually heard the other day about somewhat of what happened and alls I got to say about it as that you’re a whole lot better than that drama den.  I don’t know you really too well man but from what I’ve gathered from knowing you, you seem like a really together, nice, guy who treats everyone well and contributes to the world in a positive way.  I’ve known people at the bar for a long time and well the most I can say about most of them is merely that they drink a lot of beer.  It’s a shame some of my friends got so intertwined in that place.  It’s changed relationships for the worse and really put beer/alcohol on a pedestal as the most important thing in life to those guys.  People go in their directions however they want to choose but ya know it just sucks when it comes down to something like giving up so much for a good drunk time.

Anyway man, just wanted to drop a note that you’re better than that situation that’s happening.  I’ve had similar happenings there and my life has improved immensely staying out of there.  I care for people being hurt by this situation and hope everything works out.  Most people don’t deserve to be going through such a situation and hope people stop being fucking idiots about it.


Val Kilmer:

Thanks dude, that means a lot.  I’m not used to dramabombs like this and even though the situation is super ridiculous, i’ll admit that it’s also bumming me out a little.  I was never that close with too many dudes down there but I’ve always been friendly with the whole crowd and not to be dramatic but it’s just a bummer to realize that with two or three of them in particular that it seems like our whole relationship was built on a house of cards and drink coasters.  They all know me better than to believe the total bs that some people think happened, but nobody seems too interested in hearing what actually happened, and although sometimes in a situation like this I would care a lot about clearing my name or whatever, honestly the stuff from the last three days has been so ludicrous that I find myself getting more and more stubborn about refusing to run around from person to person trying to tell them my side like I’m drumming up votes for fucking student council vice president.  Prior to this I think there were maybe two people walking around planet earth who were mad at me, so yeah, even though the situation is retarded it’s still kind of a jolt to have that number go up by a dozen in like 24 hours.  I know it will blow over but I increasingly don’t care.

More importantly, what you said also means a lot coming from you, because I would be really bummed if I lost face in the friend circle because of the bar crowd’s version of the story about what happened.

OK I just wrote like 400 more words but I’m deleting them on account that it all sounded like a bad locker room pep-talk on honor and character.  So for now I’ll leave it at “fistbump” and “thanks much for the email”


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