Handing our emotions

Jonah Hall:

Relax, Lyon!

Just calm down!

It’s an instinct to have control over our emotions, that men often can’t deal with.  Instead of staying calm and listening, many people, especially men, get heated or upset by their partner’s emotional reactions.  People need to be heard, rather than silenced.  More than that, they need to be aware of their emotions, and educated inhow to listen to them.

Educating people in emotional awareness and manipulation is often overlooked. Too many men are taught to “man up” and hide their vulnerabilities, which in turn makes them resentful of women who are allowed to express emotion freely.  Too many women are taught to be soft and sweet and emotionally focused, often taught to manipulate men in order to get what they want instead of being taught how to be direct and honest in a relationship. We also learn so much of this from our parents, and if we never become conscious of our own tendencies, we end up aping the behavior of our fathers or mothers without even realizing it, and we take out our frustrations with our mothers on our girlfriends and wives, and vice versa.


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