What a night

Mother Hubbard:

When my college girlfriend and I assembled in the gymnasium at the University of San Francisco in the spring of 1968 and waited for Robert F. Kennedy to make his appearance, we were 19 years old and full of hope, wonder, and youthful enthusiasm.  We were so thrilled to be among the hundreds of students gathered to get a glimpse of the handsome, youthful and vigorous and Kennedy brother just months away from the California primary in June.   We did more than that, however.  As Bobby entered the gym, he was ushered to the bleacher area where Sandy and I were crammed together and engulfed by dozens of screaming students, and as we both reached out over the heads of others, we were able to shake his hand.

I will never ever forget that moment (it is locked in a still time frame in my brain) for to meet his eyes and say “Good luck, Bobby!” was up to that point, THE most exciting event in my life!  The very next morning, we drove right down to the volunteer center in downtown San Francisco to offer our assistance in his campaign.

Unfortunately for America, his life was cut short and so his hope and dreams for all of us!

But late last night, forty years later, as I wept watching Barack Obama stir the hearts and souls of so many people across the globe, I thought of Bobby Kennedy and his dreams.  I thought of Martin and his dreams, and I reflected on those two young college students and our dreams for an America that was beleaguered with war, race riots, poverty, and civil right unrest.

Last night was quite a night!  It’s up there with that ‘golden’ handshake of 1968!

I am full of renewed hope once again.


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