To believe

Johannesburg Corridor:

Today the heart is asked to open, the people asked to gather, the spirit asked to swell, the mouth asked to smile wide, the eyes asked to drop tears, the dollar to lie still in the wallet.

Today weʼre asked to think about America, that immense and unwieldy specimen, that experiment in people-building, in creative thought, in giving and taking, wanting and needing, talking and listening, hoping and praying, slavery and freedom.

Today we might listen, we might learn, we might see something new, believe something unbelievable.  We might look deeper, look underneath our own ribs, our calloused hands and feet dug up and raw, our defenses punctured and our wounds open and fresh.

Because we are hurting today, because we have been called today, because we are searching today, because we are organized today, because we have been asked and not told today, because we have done something to be proud of today, because we are listening today:

We may choose to be free today, we may choose to believe in ourselves and believe in others today, we may choose to release ourselves from our own prisons today, we may strengthen each otherʼs spirit today, we may clear away our own barriers today, we may get out of our own way today, we may see clear to the other side today, we may drink it in, that nectar, that honesty, that selflessness, that goodness, and we may believe today.

If only for a day, a week, a month, a year, four years, a term, two terms.  If only for a long moment a shared breath, a collective rising and falling of our chests, if only for a time, we may choose to examine all that we share, all that makes us one.  Until we hit our next pothole, get our next flat-tire, receive our next bill, encounter our next sick child, lose our next close friend, stumble up our next impossible mountain, until then, we can take this moment and savor it as we would that first drop of cool water after wandering through the political desert for so many years.  Today, we see the day, the possibility, we embrace that elusive concept, the fierce urgency of now.  That now so quickly will pass.  Right now, we have our moment.  And it is wonderful to be here.


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