Response to occupy wall street

Lyon Keating:

First off, did Oberon tell you he is charge of a discussion forum that persecutes his beliefs which are always right? I seem to think I can hear him saying this type of thing. You should be apart of it. Ask the fhur himself if you can attend the forum that he himself only speaks the truth apparently…I did a service for you and posted what you wrote in that forum with my reaction to it to maybe get some discussion going. The forum goes in waves. When it’s hot it’s crazy but when it’s not nobody seems to really comment much. Maybe it’s because we all know what the other will say by now or we’re just too busy to discuss silly politics and beliefs or whatever, but hey, I still think it’s fun and enlightening and worthwhile to be apart of something engaging and philosophical even if I am talking to myself or one or two other people.

Have you read Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged?’ That first paragraph of that speech reminded me of the premise of that book. It’s a monster book but one of the best I’ve ever read. It’s all about America (modeled a bit after the Soviet Union) becoming ultimately corrupt and imploding from within. It summarized when people of the mind (entrepreneurs, industrialists, innovators, teachers, inventers, anyone who thinks, etc.) are penalized so much in a society that they just disengage to let a system fall on itself. It’s good stuff and quite a concept and a philosophy (also known as Objectivsim) put forth by Ayn Rand. If you’re into this type of speech and thinking YOU NEED to check out this book and author. For being written so long ago it is surprisingly accurate in how things are shaping up today and it’s led me to form all sorts of new opinions and ideas which is simply great whenever it happens in your life.

Personally, I also can’t help but wonder what the next twenty years is going to look like. Things arn’t getting better. It’s becoming harder and harder to find jobs. People are frozen in what they do, the opportunity available to them at this present moment, and really can’t progress past whatever they are doing at the moment. It’s depressing as it’s just affecting more and more people and more schools are closing, more social programs are not being funded, and debt is just taking over. What are people to do? You can’t get involved in a new field really because nobody is hiring? It is taking more and more extreme effort and luck to have the possibility of changing your life as time passes, it seems, these days. What is going to become of this? I don’t see how anything that’s happening in the U.S., the world, is going make the pendulum swing in the other direction. It is heavily being too pulled in the negative way.

To comment more on the speech, I can’t help but scoff a little bit whenever anyone talks about anything good about China (I mean I know there are obviously good things about China). Yes, people in China still dream but it’s a totally outright corrupt government. Maybe a small percentage of people dream in China of democracy and what it will be like because they don’t have it but many people in China don’t even fathom the possibility of going against the party line which is blatantly corrupt. People in the U.S. may have come apathetic to even know what democracy is but they still have it and every day in most people’s lives they still are allowed to do things and think about things that arn’t permitted in China. As much opportunity as we don’t have in the U.S., it is still about 1000 times more opportunity than is had in China and most of the rest of the world.

I like the line of ‘Remember: the problem is not corruption or greed. The problem is the system that pushes you to give up.’ This is true and also what is centered around the ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Ayn Rand book. A society in danger is a society where people arn’t motivated anymore. All the ingenuity and talent that the individual can create and is paid to accomplish; if that is taken from them then who is in charge, who creates change, what motivates them? Bright people disengage and don’t achieve and don’t feel like contributing. The rulers keep reigning supreme as their system crumbles from within and they will enact terror before they give up the reins. They will push their agenda until it is taken from them and blame everything else for why it is not successful. There is no way a system just dies and is moved onto another idea. It dies when common people stop working for it and when the corrupt rulers quarrel amongst themselves and there is absolutely nothing left…People are giving up like I’ve never seen before and it is a scary thing to witness. Who will improve our situation if people don’t want to partake in the system anymore? This seems to be something that will take a very very long time to find a solution too. It will be the dilemma of our generation/lives.

The last paragraph or so sums up very nicely what needs to happen if change is going to come. People need to dedicate their lives to an ideal and stick with it and not celebrate it once a year or when you’re drinking with friends. It lies on every one of us to live day in and day out what we believe in. It is not too hard if you think about it. It is hard to create large change obviously on the scale of some of our favorite leaders but the change that you can create and believe in, in your life is doing your part. Our leaders want us to be too busy to think, they want us to be too busy to engage in discussion. they want us to be too busy with our jobs, lives, families to care. Now, I’m not saying that doesn’t sound appealing but what kind of world do you bring about if you never think about what is going on here and how you are contributing to it and how you might be able to fix it? We’re getting it right now. People still have the power and they can enact more change than really they believe they can. In this sense, we reap what we sow and until we live and stand up day in and day out and think day in and day out how we really want to act and think and bring about change then we will continue to live in the world we are in. Living dedicated to your own morality and your own standard of what’s right has to be or almost be a full time job in itself or else we will get taken advantage of!


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