Response to GOP not caring

Closet Living:

I hope this finds everyone well this holiday season.

I try to do this sort of thing as rarely as reasonably possible.

Being the policy geek that I am, I’ve followed this process/issue this last few years.

For those of you who hadn’t followed this carefully over the last few years, as much as I am only occasionally a fan of this fellow’s writing, giving credit where credit is due, he encapsulates the issue and summarizes three years better than I ever could.

This is an action so contrary to the well being and best interests of the, its reasonable to say 90% anyway, of the people of this country, more specifically their own constituencies that I defy anyone to present a reasonable defense of these actions.  To those of you receiving this who vote republican, please know that your money, votes etc.  are supporting these actions and these potential outcomes.

Nor is it my contention that the democrats are greatly better.  Merely that the scope, breadth, consistency and, no other word for it, chutzpah of it is simply breathtaking.  The tone deafness!  Three years after a Wall (&K) Street led financial crisis the likes of which the US hasn’t experienced since the depression, to contend that this is not in the interests of the people of this country is apostasy of the highest order.

For those of you who might think this is merely more of the same, I won’t say your wrong, but I’ll sign off with this quote:

“The problem with not participating in politics is that you will forever be governed by your inferiors.”  Plato, or some such long dead Greek guy.


Lyon Keating:

Wait, did these barons of industry, and more republican minded folk than not, ever really care about the common person?…Okay maybe that is a little bit too harsh but in bad financial times when the middle class weakens and people can’t afford things who do you think benefits from this?  The vastly rich, being more associated with conservative values and cut throat survival mentalities, (I’m rich because I’m powerful and more capable) get actually the price dropped for them to invest and own more of the industry in this time.  Prices drop but there’s no job and money to support the middle/working class so they still can’t really buy anything.  Prices drop and those same rich just mop up more of the pie at a cheaper rate.

We are defined as a people by our interests.  If our interests are eating peanuts then we will do all we can to make sure nobody gets in our way to get more peanuts that will make us happy and our lives easier.  If our interests are properties and boats and islands and tv stations and government contracts then we will do all we can to get more of them whichever way is easier.  For some reason, I think our brains can only distinguish that we have needs and interests and why not go for them whether they’re peanuts or billion dollar hedge funds.  If it’s for survival or for pure pleasure, it doesn’t really matter because we just basically associate need and interests with how we survive.

….Or maybe they’re just a whole bunch of rotten fucks that need to be bitch slapped by the 90 to 99% their constantly stealing from.  On different days I analyze it differently.

Go 9ers!


P.S. I know the stigma that can associate with Ron Paul but I’m reading a lot about the FED right now and what it does and all that jazz and Ron Paul’s “End the Fed” is a really good book.  It has made me really question if I would vote for Obama if it was Paul vs. Obama.  Making America more vibrant and viable again is going to have to instill a lot of what Paul technically has to say about our government.  However, in every other situation Obama is still miles ahead of all the other numb nut leadership that is competing with him.


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