Response to al-Qaeda threat


We created al Qaeda and there is strong evidence to suggest bin Laden is a CIA asset. Recall, as was mentioned in that Michael Moore film, that a CIA station officer visited him while he was in the hospital shortly before September 11th. The war on terrorism is just a bogus front to push imperial policies. Obama himself said our policies create terrorists yet he follows the same policies. If he’s “underlining” the threat of terrorisim he’s probably just fanning the flames of public fear. Sounds a bit like a certain Texas president I’ve heard of…


Lyon Keating:

You say tomatoe, I say tumatoe.  You see green, I see yellow (hey at least we both see A’s colors).  I know that we have created many terrorist organizations throughout the world like al Qaeda but I really don’t believe bin Laden is a CIA employee.  Who knows, maybe he is but what a cover up that would have been.  Bin Laden hates the U.S. and everything associated with the West.  Plus, if there is one thing more powerful than the U.S. government it is the power of the entertainment industry.  This would make a great story that would sell billions of dollars if somebody found good connections with Bin Laden working for the U.S.  I don’t think any governing body could cover up the yearning for stories to emerge that people will pay money for.  Money talks!

As I’ve gotten older I also have given Michael Moore less and less credit.  He is great for making people think about things, but as for his documentaries and other work associated with the government he blatently sets his agenda and seems to only cater to stories that he wants to.  He creates what he wants you to think vs. letting the information possibly sway people, and he whines, talks shit, is in your face, and just doesn’t score as many points with me as he used to.  Bowling for Columbine was his peak.

I don’t think that Obama is following the same policies.  He’s defining new policies, specifically those that cater to the Middle East that I would think are creating much less terrorists or public hatred than we had in the past.  I think he is following old policies to a certain point given the garbage that was left for him to deal with.  He can’t just throw away what we did in the past and start anew.  Unfortunately, he has to deal with that shit, create new policy within that old policy and then maybe one day late in his second term can create the momentum and change that other future leaders will have to follow or else spend a bitch of a time changing.  I will continue to scoff at comparisons made between Bush and Obama.  Yes, they are both presidents but they are doing things dramatically differently.  I am not going to dive into it now, but If you really need me to delve into my Obama archive and provide you with an easy 10 to 20 examples of how vastly different Obama is than old W I would be glad to.  However, I really think it will be redundant but sometimes people need a refresher every now and then.


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