Proud to be a liberal

Bill Edelen:

I have often heard myself referred to as “liberal.” I cannot tell you how proud
I am to be known by that classification. It is one of the most beautiful and
cherished words in our language. It has nothing to do with whether you are a
Republican or Democrat, a Unitarian, Presbyterian or Congregationalist. It has
to do with an attitude…a frame of mind…an orientation to life and events…a
philosophy…a concept having to do with freedom.

Liberal and liberty both have the same root, defined in “Webster’s Dictionary”
as, “The quality or state of being free…as a freeman…a free person, as
opposed to slavery, bondage and subjection…worthy of a person of free
birth…not servile or mean…a noble way…generous…open-handed…free from
bigotry…inclined to welcome new ideas.”

If liberalism is that which liberates, which sets free the minds, spirits and
bodies of human beings, then how proud I am to be known as one who is dedicated
to such a noble concept.


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