Personal accountability and action vs. doing nothing

Lyon Keating:

Here’s an article my friend sent me regarding Obama’s proposed budget.  It’s just so interesting that everything is seen in extremes with Obama.  There’s obviously a lot of people like me who can’t imagine anything better given our conditions and then there’s the many others who think each passing day that hell is about to break loose and we’re about to enter food riots and everything is going to come smashing down and Obama is directly going to lead us there.  Particularly as of late, these non Obama supporters seem to be having something similar to that of a nervous breakdown in regards to his decisions and how if you believe in them you’re an idiot and a no better than a sheep, etc.  I just can’t put my finger around it except that we really don’t know and that people are obviously looking at information vastly differently.  I guess we’ll see what kinds of shades of gray actually happen.
Grandpa Bernard:

People will always look at the same information and draw different conclusions.

My thought is to pause, reflect on things, and accept that something BIG is going on — something that will likely define our generation — and that it’s unlikely to be changed much by the administration, though maybe that’s over simplifying and perhaps just plain wrong. It remains to be seen. Regardless, just about anyone you read says the same thing — “there is no historical precedent for what is currently happening in our economy, nor in the world.”

A “soft landing” in the Hudson is certainly better than the alternative if it can be achieved. Still, the engines are dead — the trip is abruptly over — there’s really no arguing that. What’s happening in the world and the US economy right now is truly staggering. Thank goodness it’s not Cheney manning the White House. If nothing else, the people trust Obama more, he’s more articulate, and that may be just enough to take the medicine that’s coming.


Hop on Pop:

Depressing article. I can’t read too many articles like this especially when there isn’t any baseball to focus on. Obviously, this is a non Obama supporter. I do not like his comparison’s to pre WWII, different times and different money standard. The only thing I can agree with is that the only thing that got us out of the last depression was WWII. Governments started spending and borrowing a ton of money. Money that was spent here in the US. Once the war really got going there was a large amount of prosperity in nations not getting bombed. It wasn’t so much the war but the vast amounts of spending and lending that got things going again. It appears that Obama’s group has a good sense of that. In fact I heard him say that debt troubles have to be put on the shelve for awhile but not forgotten. He specifically said that this is not the time for fixing this trillion dollar debt. There is a time and a place for this but not now. the worst thing that can happen today is for all people to start cutting back all at the same time. I think Obama has an approach. Is it the right one? Probably not, but I hope I am wrong. I do salute him for jumping on it and following the path he said…

As far as the negativity of this article. That is a matter of choice. Yes these are serious times. There is a lot in the world that can make you shudder in your tracks if you don’t balance it out. What about nukes and the total numbers of big ass weapons that are all around the world. If you spent any time following this you would never sleep at night or laugh any time in the next few years.


Lyon Keating:

I think it is admirable to those who do pause and reflect on things.  Most people can’t do that.  They just react, which is what I believe the non Obama supporters are doing right now to an extreme.  And yes! something very big is going on that is going to have to be defined by people and led in the right direction by it’s leaders.  If this direction is not as clearly as possible paved out chaos is a likely to occur.  People want change, they voted for it and they will get it however it comes to them.  Don’t mess with people who don’t have jobs, healthcare, educations, etc.  Government needs to re-invest in it’s people.  It’s just that time for a new age to be defined.  Hopefully, this is one of the things we’ve learned as an enlightened, experienced society.  Don’t have things lead to beheadings or total destruction where everyone needs to pick up and start all over again in order for the change that needs to occur to actually occur.  It’s like trader joes…get rid of the middle man and make it more convenient for everybody.  Yes, can you imagine if Mccain, Palin, and company were in charge of all this?  OMG I think I would be the one freaking out and moving away, etc.

Yeah I totally agree.  The worst idea would be inaction.  Would you really not do anything when people are massively loosing jobs, without health care, etc.  In tough times it is a typical conservative response to do nothing and let things balance out naturally.  Unfortunately, the middle and lower classes suffer the most from this, and rich CEO, business mongers, upper class benefit.  Of course most wealthy people want nothing to be done because it brings the prices of all very valuable things down such as property.  The funny thing is that many of these non Obama supporters are in the most need of what Obama will help them with.  They often have enormous amount of debt and if the government enacted what they wanted, or I suppose enacted nothing but tax cuts, then he and millions of people like him would be hit the worst (not to mention schools, healthcare, social institutions would take an enormous hit by not being funded).  What will these people do when they get what they want and there are no jobs and no way to pay back the money they owe?  They’ll have to declare bankruptcy, rely more heavily on family (probably even more on government), and be banned from participating in any type of loans or house, car purchases in the future unless you happen to have gold or straight up cash, which is highly doubtful given that most of these people don’t have money to begin with, hence the debt.

For many of these people, I can’t help but feel that it is simply just cooler to talk shit and be a naysayer than it will to try to find positive elements of what’s going on and believe in things.  Sort of like the star wars “join the dark side” theory.  Anyway, it’s just frustrating because it is never good to people lose hope in the world and aggressively pursue being negative.  I mean why even get up everyday?  We’ve survived hundreds of thousands of years and if Obama and Co. try and the whole thing blows up in our faces then at least we can say we tried and will adjust, band together with our family and close friends even more and make it through whatever comes.  It is better than just telling people to accept their fate, not support their families, let the market iron out naturally, and oh by the way, starve in the process while we go through this hard time.  No sorry, that is not realistic.

It is also important to note, that when things go bad in business, your own life with debt and bills, schools, institutions, whatever, in order to fix something you have to make all the working parts workable again and cut the things that don’t work.  This sometimes can take an enormous amount of time, energy, and especially money.  Once things are workable again and the parts in place and you realize your profits outweigh your spending then it is time to keep that system and chip away at your debt.  This example can be seen in anything we do.  My computer crashed last month.  I was pissed but it was broken and I was trying to make it do things it was internally not capable of performing anymore.  I could have done nothing and waited months to get the appropriate funds to buy another computer and then go from there.  Instead, I spent about $600 that I didn’t necessarily have to instantly put me in a situation where I had a computer.  From there I made the appropriate cutbacks in my life to pay for it and because I had bought the computer it made it easier to find jobs and make myself accessible to make money.  I probably would have lost lots of jobs without a computer.  A few months have passed and I have just about paid off my computer compared to waiting to get the appropriate funds and not even having one yet and my life being a whole lot harder.  Anyway, I know the economic problems are not as simple as me buying a new computer but I guess I don’t understand why people can’t open up their minds and explore different possibilities to get through problems.  Why is action and trying considered not the appropriate path?   Just as much as we created a massive debt, we can turn that right around in probably a similar time frame with good management, organization, accountability, efficient systems, etc.  It happens from the government on down and from the individual on up.


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