Response to occupiers convincing 99%

Lyon Keating:

Hey there.  This is a great passage and article below that a friend sent me regarding the Occupy Wall Street affair.  As time is passing with this movement it is becoming increasingly more realistic and gaining an actual voice.  Will that voice continue to voice itself or will it get tired, cold from winter, or just simply lose it’s way.  It will be very interesting to see.  I know that as I pass downtown Philadelphia as my normal days pass and I can’t find a teaching job I continually notice these people and what they are saying.  I’ve even stopped a few times and hung out with some of them and listened to them and can’t help but feel like I agree with most of what they say.  Where will this take me, where will this take us, where will this take our leaders?  Whatever, it is exciting that it is coming from, more or less, more normal people.


P.S. here is a good quote that sums up the whole article below that I sent you.

What we are witnessing in parks and squares across the United States is not simply widespread revulsion over the greed and cruelty of corporate capitalism, but the articulation of a new and potent radicalism. This radicalism challenges the right of corporations to poison our ecosystem and turn greed and self-promotion into the highest good at the expense of human life. If this movement can cross class lines, if it can articulate its vision to those in marginalized communities, especially poor people of color, it can tap into a force and power that was never part of the New Left. It can make possible the shaking of the foundations and, let us hope, the toppling of the corporate state.

— Chris Hedges, from “Occupiers Have to Convince the Other 99 Percent”


Mot Relbooh:

Good article. I am taking more and more of an interest in the occupy wall street movement being that I work in Oakland. I absolutely believe in a lot o the principles behind the occupy movement. I hate seeing half of my paycheck disappear and that my money is being spent on corporate bailouts. However I cannot agree with the racial aspect of this article. I also need clarification on what this movement is asking for? Maybe I didn’t get it because I read it from my iPhone


Queen Amidala:

The fact that you can even read this article on your phone makes you one of the snobby elitist 1%…

😉  Of course I’m kidding.  I agree with you – there’s a lot about this movement that I like – just the fact that people are doing something – is a nice change, but I’m really not sure what they want – because it’s a slippery slope to socialism – and I’m not really ok with that.

If only we had a bit more power over where our tax money actually went – I know theoretically we do with elections, but what they release in those voter information pamphlets doesn’t always reveal what’s really happening.  I think personally that if these groups would emphasize the importance of Corporate AND personal responsibility/accountability – then I’d be a bit more for it.  Right now it seems like there’s a lot of finger pointing at companies, and it’s pretty easy to blame others for your problems – instead of realizing that we all need to make good decisions.


Lyon Keating:


Yeah I can’t believe you read that whole article on your phone.  I had a hard time just sitting for long enough to read it on my computer.  I agree with you that I was taken aback when it mentioned everything about certain races needing to take action and whatnot.  I usually don’t like it when solutions are put upon the shoulders of those who are one race or another.  Things categorized by race seem to be not be successful as things that arn’t.  I mean I get what they are saying.  Above everything else this is about people who don’t have any money or opportunity.  They haven’t had these things in a long time or really ever had it and why would they stand up now to help this middle to working class white person who never said anything before but is whining because they are now out of a job and are on hard times?  And even though I know that there is a huge population of poor white people, if you are a minority you have WAY more of a chance of being poor and working a dead end job, being in jail, etc.  Just look at Oakland or where poverty is.  There is a reason we think of Black and Hispanic when we think of poor places and jails.

I don’t think this movement has exactly a direct purpose yet, but it sure is trying to find it’s voice and I believe has changed from purely a peaceful protest and camp out to actually demanding the government stop wasting our money on banks/businesses/ceos/government plans/bailouts, etc.  It’s time for these entities to start taking personal responsibility for their actions and not get billions of dollars when that money could be spent on creating jobs, repairing schools, or really anything else that seems positive.  Enough of the middle class is being affected now that people are really starting to take notice at where these billions of dollars are going.



If you’re not okay with socialism then I would think you wouldn’t be okay with our government right now.  Even though symbolically our government is capitalist, it is very wrapped up in socialistic practices.  Just the fact our government bails out certain entities that it feels deserve it, rings loudly socialistic properties and government intervention in the economy.  Our government gives more money to industries that are in essence failing enterprises than you would ever believe.  Dairy and meat industry come to mind as things that would not be self-sustaining by themselves if they didn’t get government money to keep running.  And there are a million other examples!  Our government gives to the war effort tens of billions of dollars a month and whether that is capitalist or socialistic that is mostly just purely corrupt empire.  We have a very broke, corrupt system that needs to be fixed.  Certain groups are getting most of the money in shady dealings and people are starting to say, wtf.  Are you not allowed to point fingers at someone who has just robbed you?  Does the government with their billions of dollars not hold the gavel in a huge way for affecting our lives?  Are they not the biggest problem?  What else are you suppose to do?  Work harder?  Well, I would say that is exactly what the government or any corrupt ruling body would want you to do.  The solution is within yourself and you can work harder to fix it; without the help of our billions of dollars and those same billions of dollars working against you we’ll see how long it takes you to fix the problems.  Don’t you remember the horse from animal farm who displayed this work ethic and eventually just withered away?  I think his name was Boxer but I don’t really remember.  When do our efforts toward something actually hamper our cause instead of help it? (Ideas of Ayn Rand and objectivism come to mind when saying this statement).  I think a lot of people are realizing that now and saying, no, I won’t participate anymore.

I think it would be a marvelous idea if there was some direct way for us to see where our tax dollars went.  It is grossly corrupt where our tax dollars actually go and I bet most of us would not be down for where they go if we actually knew about it.  This type of thing will be apart of future, modern societies for sure.

Like I mentioned above already to Mot, I do think this movement does emphasize the importance of corporate AND personal responsibility/accountability.  People are demanding the government stop bailing out and throwing our money away on bad, corrupt investments.  When so many people are looking for work and on hard times it is easy to notice billions of dollars being wasted.  Let these corporate entities fail if that is their fate.  However, the government is so intertwined up in these entities (Socialism ringing loud and true!) that they have a chance of failing too if they didn’t intervene.  There is a power structure that is sitting on a shitty, crumbling foundation and it will fall in time but when and if it will go willingly or not will make the difference of decades of hard times or decades of quicker positive change.


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