Millionaires making millions and then some…


More seriously, though, there is nothing new about the political situation now, but he does lay things out in a clear and honest way.  Predictions?  I’m not quite as alarmist as you are . . . yet.  A LOT has changed since 1916 and the Great Depression.  Unfortunately, one of the things that has changed is that we don’t have a Wilson or a Roosevelt in the White House.  OBAMA should be making this speech . . . and he should have made it MONTHS ago before the Republicans managed to take control of the dialogue with their inane sound-bite slogans.  Millionaires are doing what millionaires have always done:  make more millions.  Somehow, however, Republicans have been allowed to convince working class people to vote against their own interests and their country’s interests in order to align themselves with Conservative values that favour the rich.  And the rebel billionaires (the group calling for donating some of their billions back!!!) are making more of a defense of sanity than the President is!!!  The corporations aren’t the “dark side”; like I said, their ROLE is to make money for their stockholders.  It is the government’s role to re-distribute wealth back among the people who create it, and the Democrats have squandered one of the largest majorities in history through in-fighting, politicking, and a lack of leadership, vision and courage.

Don’t think for a second, though, that you will find things any better in Canada or Australia . . . or anywhere else in the world.  The grass is no greener anywhere else.  But if you think it is, try it. You will find that you will miss a lot more than just baseball.

Lyon Keating:

Yeah, it’s too bad that Obama didn’t make this speech.  For whatever, it just doesn’t seem like he’s getting the job done.  I wonder if he will get re-elected.  He has done great things and he did have a zillion expectations upon his shoulders before he even stepped into office so I would imagine it would have been hard to fulfill all the promises.  Politics is so blah and it really sucks.  I would still vote for Obama in the next election but I know a lot of people who wouldn’t anymore.  For the most part, I think people don’t feel represented by their leaders or anything about government.  It’s so depressing to hear about all the squabbling that’s constantly going on.  I guess it’s no different than anything else.  You’re going to have people in it for the right reasons, in it for the wrong reasons, and even those that are in it for the right reasons but end up doing bad due to no fault of their own.  It’s hard to lead or to make any decisions at times and I am not jeolous of their jobs by any means.  Maybe it will serve us right if Obama serves another term and nothing comes of it, maybe it will even serve us right if Palin gets in there and serves two terms.  Who knows?  In the end, you just keep putting forth what you can I suppose.

I agree that millionaires are doing what they will always be doing and nothing will stop them in the future.  It just shows the education/ignorance level of most of the people in our country when they agree for things that will in the end hurt them.  Totally ridiculous but how else are you going to force people to do “what is right” as if there were an exact definition of what is right.  There definitely seems to be things that are more right than others, though.  You CANT force people to do anything and this is what I mean that maybe it’ll will serve everyone right if people really do push forth and vote for things that will in the end screw them over.  However, it just sucks because WE are involved in this situation too.

And I really don’t think I would ever move.  This is my home and I like things here and it would take A LOT for me to actually say “fuck it” and move to a whole different realm of existence.  I only said those things because having been to Australia and being with people who are from there for about a month I couldn’t help but notice that they mostly missed the world’s recession that everyone else went through, they have a healthcare and educational system that actually seems to help people, and they don’t squander their countries money away on military conflicts.  For example, my friends family all went through an educational career that consisted of going to college and only having to pay it back if you finished and got a job after that paid about 40K a year!  That seemed like an amazing concept where government has to actually take an invested interest in their health care.  Yeah things were like twice as expensive in Australia but it was still managable to live and save money, not to mention have some bare necessities of life that seem quite rare here in the U.S.  The cities were amazingly clean, homeliness was down, and it seemed like a government that didn’t actually parade around the world spending half of the people’s taxes on wars could actually invest in itself and create an amazing place to live!…I haven’t spent enough time in Canada to make the same claims but Canadians are just “nice” and seem like pleasant people to always be around and don’t seem to have the same idiotic values that are centered around people like Reagan, Bush, Palin, or most other extremely stupid Conservative smucks.  It’s like they know better.  In this sense, at least in Australia, it does seem like the grass is greener on the other side…maybe it would be nice to try at some point:)


I think the next election is up to the Republicans.  Obama can no longer bring out his voters on his own.  He would have to have an opponent that really instills fear in people, somebody like Sarah Palin.  The Conservative base HATES him and will come out in 2012 like they did in 2010.  In 2010, the Progressive base and undecided voters (especially young people and minorities) just stayed home because the Democrats (including Obama) couldn’t get their shit together enough to make a case for them to care.  Obama needs to learn how to play politics if he is going to be a leader.

As far as the American electorate is concerned, H.L. Menken once said “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”    And Alexis de Tocqueville is credited with saying, “In a Democracy, the people get the government they deserve”

So the problem is hardly new.  Maybe, like you said, the Chinese have it right to assume that people cannot be trusted to make their own decisions?????  Sometimes I do think that; but then we manage to muddle through yet again.

I think your image of Australia is still pretty rose-coloured.  They were involved in Vietnam and the Gulf War.  (And Canada has troops in Afghanistan!!).  And their treatment of the Aborigines should be enough to turn your stomach (you obviously didn’t spend time in those areas of the “amazingly clean” cities)!!!!  And Australia DID get hit by the recession — BIG time!!!  And since they privatized their Social Security system (what Bush tried to do here), retired people have been left with NOTHING!!!!  And Conservative politicians in Australia make people like Sarah Palin seem like Progressives — and they get ELECTED!!!!!!  Canada’s Conservatives aren’t quite as bad as ours, but they sure aren’t Progressives!!!!!!  I think the reason you are harder on our politicians is that you know more about them.


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